My Passions & Life's Work:
Artist of Life & Being of Service to Humanity 

Thank you for your curiosity & visiting my heARTworx page. As the name implies, it is here you will find the inner workings of my mind, expressed through my heart in various mediums. 

This journey begins here with verses, and more specifically, rhyming verses. 

I remember my first Christmas in Canada-for one reason only: "Twas the Night Before Christmas."

We'd just moved from London UK, to London, Canada - very very different - and it was as though part of me never really arrived. It was like from one day to the next, my whole world shifted, without rhyme nor reason well, perhaps not seen at the time. 

That whole experience led me to here and now, and should that have been the reason, the rhyme would certainly have been the aforementioned one above. 

You see, for the for the five year old, brown eyed girl, with two curly pigtails, who knew English, but was used to speaking her mother tongue - Punjabi- raised on Bollywood films, "Twas The Night Before Christmas," was of great solace and sang to tender heart. 

I suppose it was those early days, which aligned my heart to the melody of rhyme. It's no wonder I fell in love with old-school rap and hip hop, back in the days of Public Enemy, KRS-One, NWA, Easy E, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest...I loved it, breathed it, danced it, and then I grew out of it. From hip hop to trip hop, my heart never skipped a beat and bopped along to the likes of Massive Attack, (probably my most favorite band ever), and Portishead. 

'Twas The Night Before Christmas - Clement Clarke Moore

Alas, I digress, this has become my musical history, and nowhere has been mentioned my love for classical Indian, the study of, and singing it. Perhaps music will take place of the final sphere above, the violet one. 

I learned only recently that my mum's father was quite the poet, who knew? I certainly didn't.

Mum, by the way, is certainly the artistic tree I didn't fall far from. Her artistic expression comes through her wearable art, her singing and love of music, and storytelling. See that there? Not at all far from the tree. Love that little cookie. <3


So what about "Twas The Night Before Christmas...?" The rhyming, but of course!

I've been rhyming for years, not so much on purpose, but because it just came naturally. I'll be sharing some of my older poems here, and new ones as they trickle in. 


All of this writing really started to make sense when I wrote Piyar & Soleil: In The Realm of Vintascia. What started out as a therapeutic response to a breakup, turned into a full blown story with a couple of rhyming verses laced through it- well, literally two. Having gone back and read the whole thing, I knew I had to start over, and this time rhyme the entire length of it. I did. I shared it with friends. They loved it as much as I. I edited it, and then edited it some more and then published it on Amazon. 

Piyar & Soleil: In The Realm of Vintascia - M
Piyar & Soleil on Amazon

It's been translated into Slovak, and further converted into a film script, and at the time of writing this, is being translated into Czech. 


When I was writing it, I was (after many many years), reminded of the Christmas poem. I goggled it, read it and cried. Yes, just yes. 


I leave you with that, and a link to my fantastical tale, based on a true story. Should you read it, I gift you with a piece of me that was not in control whilst writing- often time writing in the middle of the night, or receiving light bulbs of inspiration, the right words, the right melody, at the right time. 


Thanking You~