A conduit or catalyst for healing, is what I consider myself, as truly, when you are ready, it is you who does the healing. 

The question is, are you ready? 

If that is a resounding yes, come along and let us creatively pull out the perfection that you already are.


The template is within, and ready for you to come into alignment with. 

Drop me a line with what's on your mind, detailing your number and the best time to reach you (along with your time zone should you not be EST). 

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The idea of "Healing with Manj," came about quite organically, as a natural progression of works I had been doing for long. The name was coined by a dear friend, during a stint of volunteer work. She, the founder of a non-profit organization which offered legal information during tumultuous times in Canada, was grateful to have me on board, touching hearts, before the call came to move on. 


Of late, the work has led me to more of a community focus, offering myself to those directly around me, be it neighbors, or people whom I encounter on the street whilst out walking, or, and, especially those who come into the places I "work."  A sales associate in disguise,  the true work, as I call it, is " loving the heck out of everyone who crosses my path,"   especially in  our present time, space, reality, of September 2022.

What a joy and honour to do. To truly be of service. 

Life has become more rich, ever more satisfying, more fulfilling, and dare I say, far more simple. The work isn't "out there," it's in the greeting of the living, breathing being, a few feet away, on the other side of a fence. It's in consciously taking the time to breathe with someone, to talk with another, to hold the hand of someone else in need, offer a hug to a stranger, get down to the level of a child and truly see what they are wanting to convey...This is it. A return to simplicity, which is a key for healing.