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10 mins of Dr. Zach Bush-Please Watch

I sat with a friend today in a expansive conversation. Not having seen each other for years, the conversations were aplenty.

Stressed out with her situation due to the corona, along with the "nice stuff" we caught up on, she really needed to vent. I encouraged her to. There was a moment when I thought, "wait, I just invited her to be angry, here and now, right here, where I am..." The thought came, and then dissipated just as fast, and I decided to love her through it than concern myself with my energy.

As we were close to parting ways, we thanked each other. I knew I'd pressed her buttons and she also pressed mine, in such a raw, open and honest way.

I share this story of ours because, part of her frustration in the current situation was/is not knowing - when is this over, what happens next, what about her job? She was wanting answers, and the only thing I could say was we've got to trust, we're in the tight dark birth canal, after the comfort and warmth of the dark womb. Light is on the other side of the canal.

"But who says that the womb wasn't better than the other side of the birth canal might be...? Where's the proof?!", she asked.

....I recounted something that I shared in a recent video..

"Here's the evidence:

A man and a woman, come together.

There's his sperm (1), that meets her egg. (1)

The result of which is one single cell.

After that, it divides and keeps doing so, roughly 42 times, over the course of nine months, to become one whole being...

You are the evidence."

We are all the evidence.


The monologue by Dr. Bush, compelled that ramble.

We're in changing times, and things will never be the same again.

Can we band together, instead of perpetuate the hate and fear?

I lost my job too. I want nothing more than to be in the presence of my family right now.

We are all in this soup of uncertainty right now...

Despite everything, you can't imagine how much love I have for you, no matter who or what you are, what your history is, whether I know you personally or not.

I am sorry for the separation and divide going on in the world, I really am. How can we transcend it? How do I support you? How do we support each other?

...I only know that we must hold each others hearts. That is all I know.

May you be blessed with so much love.

May you be blessed with peace.

May you be blessed with ease.

May you be blessed with knowing and faith and trust in the spark that lit and changed the entire world that became You, when the sperm & egg of your parents united.


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