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Apple Chutney, Chic Peas & Toum Blini's

January 12, 2018


Masala blini's at that. 

Nine large, beautiful orchard apples, sat long enough on the counter, waiting to be used and - on the verge of rotting, I played. 

Apple chutney came about last night and little did I know that I'd use it this morning. 

Upon heading downstairs for a bite, with an empty house, I got it into mind to play out something I'd been imagining for a while - masala crepes. 

Took only a few mins to prep and get onto the pan, and once going, the rest of the plan started to hatch. 


Crepes turned into blini's.

Apple chutney was added. 

"Something's missing...."

Chic peas. 

Opened a can..crushed some.

"Hmmm, the brine. 

Just finished the last of the vegan mayo I'd made, yesterday, I'll use the brine and make more. It's quick, why not? It'll be the perfect addition...."

It was.  

The few minutes I'd intended to conjure up the crepes, turned into a couple of hours of play - and very well worth it. 

As mentioned, once the crepe was downsized into a blini, my imagination filled in the rest quickly, in terms of what the end result would look like.

The taste was another thing-  a little bit of building, removing, tweaking, pictures, and all over again, til the blini landed on the little black plate as pictured.  

Perfection, and a must share

This one's now available for private dinners, and I'm thinking elements of it will show up in my Plant-Based course at Chef Parade Cookery School- coming shortly!   


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