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Bratislava: How Do I Love Thee

Bratislava ~ She's in Good Hands

I do, I really do love this old town.

During my recent pilgrimage back to Canada, people questioned whether I'd ever return to Slovakia. The question was not if, rather, when.

As I kept saying then, Slovakia is home. Why?

First and foremost, it's the energy here- there's a really special vibe to this enchanted place. Then there's the beautiful people...Aside from my family and a couple of besties abroad, most of the people dearest to my heart are from or live here- my soul tribe.

Slovakia is right where I'm supposed to be, or at least She is my platform to fly from and always land back upon.

Been back almost a year now and truly, I feel so very blessed.

I've spent the better part of the last hour or so, smiling at my computer screen. Having made a note to self to check out the upcoming "Dobry Trh," (literal translation "good market" - an outdoor market that occurs a few times a year, bringing together not just people but really connecting hearts between us all, and this specatular city), I did just that, and was happily led astray.

From the market- which surely I'll be attending, rain or shine, I was led to other websites, and people, who I foresee having really awesome conversations with, at the perfect time.

Which made my heart really flutter? This. PlanB. The name alone is so catchy and clever, but then make your way to the website, and you'll see just why This Little Cookie adores this capital city, or "The Big Village," as locals call it.

Here are a few snaps (4 of 12 Chapters), I could't not share. The brilliant folks over at PlanB are truly asking the right questions/on the right path:


I remember my first time here. I remember contemplating the move from London (UK). I remember it feeling good, right. I remember thinking that "Bratislava is like a newborn baby, so special, and she's only going to grow."

I'm so pleased I went with my gut, and stayed even after breaking up with the very boyfriend who led me to his home of Slovakia, which I barely knew anything about.

Though I fell out of love with him, I did fall deeply in love with his country, and her capital city- Bratislava.

No longer a baby, she's certainly growing and expanding as I always knew she would; rich, heart-centred and as shown above in PlanB, in very good hands/minds/hearts.

Milujem t'a Slovensko! <3

xxMaruška - an honorary Slovenka ;)


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