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...but, it's hard, Manj. Getting Personal About My Past: TRUST ME, I KNOW IT'S HARD

...I did forget to say that what's of import here is perhaps the idea that we're always supposed to be positive. That's one of the greatest untruths. Everything is impermanent, even feeling good. When you can be honest about how you are feeling, you're "winning." THAT takes great practice as from the time we were really really little, we've been coaxed out of feeling bad/sad/angry etc.

Gentlemen, you've had it worse, having to "be a man," at 6yrs old, and not cry, not feel.

Keep flexing the muscle of awareness. Practice makes better, better and better. There's a new paradigm for "enlightenment," rather than an all at once, suddenly your body turns to light, and your floating in space etc., kind of thing.

Be-in-light or, focus on the really small things that add joy to your life and the big things have no choice but to find you. It is Universal Law.

In-Light-en yourself, countless times in a day. Further to the video and my personal note, I love my parents dearly, beyond words, and what we went through, we did, and here we are today, able to love.

When I can be of service to family's to avoid all that heart ache though, here I AM, ready, willing and able to help.

There is no greater school than life.

Be well dear loves, be so well.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

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