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But Really...Who are You?

Without another person around you,

Who would you be?

How would you be?

What would you do?

Who are you (when not influenced by anyone or anything, work, family, community, the world at large) ?


A short story that inspires this subject:

Was in a shop the other day, here in Bratislava.

Walked in, said hello to the two shop assistants.

Asked them how they are, to which one responded, "very well," and the other, "I would be better off at home."

Upon asking "why, and what would you do at home?" Her response was along the lines of lazying around, resting. Exactly my thought.....


Whilst working with kids in Austria last fall, it became evidently clear, that they weren't keen on school.

Every morning for the week that I was with them, the first thing we'd do is pile onto a ginormous orange couch at the back of the classroom.

I too, asked them, "What would you do if you didn't haven't to come to school?

"Play video games,

Hang out with my friends,

Play sports,

Do nothing...",

were but some of the obvious answers.

"And then what?" I asked.

"What else would you do/be...?"

Months after that conversation and I don't remember any answers, but I do remember thinking that these kids were so heavily programmed and conditioned, as so many are.

I also remember thinking - and the same holds true for the shop assistants- that so many of us really need to stop, everything, and not just for the length of a "normal" vacation, only to come back to the very thing we so badly wanted/needed to get away from.

How'd that work out for you anyways?

Promised yourself you'd change.

That you'd get up earlier.

That you'd eat better.

That you'd exercise regularly.

That you'd take up something new.

That you'd spend more time with the ones you hold dear to your heart.


I met some else recently who I got a good sense of. Often this person talks about needing a holiday, a break from it all. I suggested about two years, not two week - no joke.

"I can't, I love this."

Really? Sounds really tough...


Interesting are we, the human populous,

Not wanting this.

Not quite looking or holding to that (which we do want),

And often arguing for our limitations.

...perhaps the reason why things don't change...?

You, my darling, can have it all. Be all that you've ever dared to dream.

So then, full circle:

Who are you?


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