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Childlike Innocence


"What would this (the morning Sun),

be like to a child...."


"It would be like Jesus to a child."


Backstory To The Above:

Already I'd had my communion -a prolonged gaze- with our Sun, upon it's rising, in the early dawn hours.

...making the walk back to where I stay, I turned round to have another look, give more thanks, feeling so very blessed and already gifted so early in the new day.

As I gazed at our beautiful, ethereal, haze of glowing soft fuscia, orange and yellows, our Light our Sun, I asked aloud, "what would this be like to a child?", and before I'd even finished asking, the answer came:

"It would be like Jesus to a child...."

Then came this song, by one of my most favorite souls ever, "Jesus To A Child," by George Michael. Though this song was an ode to an ex-lover of George, I share it as an ode to George, to Children, to the childish spirit of us Jesus, who reminds us to remember.

Blessings and such great love,



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