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Corona: A Blessing in Disguise?

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

It's ok if you don't agree with my thoughts, I don't need that.

My sole intention is for you to consider the message.

Remember the Wright brothers, those aviation junkies who wanted to transport people in the air in big tin cans, from one part of world to another? One only need to look into the sky at any give time to see their great invention, BUT can you imagine how much they were heckled and ridiculed? A tin can, full of people, in the air? "You're off your rocker, boys."

Check out this quote from an article written by Fred Kelly, the only "authorized" biographer.

"One reason why nearly everyone in the United States was disinclined to swallow the reports about flying with a machine heavier than air was that important scientists had already explained in the public prints why the thing was impossible. When a man of the profound scientific wisdom of Simon Newcomb, for example, had demonstrated with unassailable logic why man couldn't fly, why should the public be fooled by silly stories about two obscure bicycle repairmen who hadn't even been to college? In an article in the Independent—October 22, 1903, less than two months before the Wrights flew—Professor Newcomb not only proved that trying to fly was nonsense, but went farther and showed that even if a man did fly, he wouldn't dare to stop. "Once he slackens his speed, down he begins to fall…Once he stops, he falls a dead mass. How shall he reach the ground without destroying his delicate machinery? I do not think that even the most imaginative inventor has yet even put on paper a demonstrative, successful way of meeting this difficulty."

Further to this story about the Wright brothers, I would like to expand upon what I was talking about regarding the earth's heart beat, and what happened to it soon after the twin towers went down.

You can read a study by researchers at Princeton who had already been measuring the frequency of the earth, here.

An increase in frequency equals an increase in consciousness and on that day when millions of people were watching the exact same thing at the exact same time, two satellites that measure the electromagnetic field of the earth (one each in northern and southern hemisphere), recorded an unprecedented spike in the field. The spike occurred around 15 mins after the first plane hit. What does this mean?

An excerpt from the article:

"....Princeton University researchers believe that so many people around the world were affected in the same way that their collective mental energy actually altered the operation of computers.

Those findings, which have aroused some controversy in the scientific world, were produced by Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project, whose goal is to determine whether, and if so to what extent, human consciousness—that is, our minds’ awareness of the world in which we exist—can synchronize and act coherently."

~ Much has transpired in the world of consciousness and our inherent connectedness since 9/11, and should you wish to look into it further, I leave you with the following:

Now then, that Corona Virus, really? A blessing in disguise?

As per the video, let's just simplify again.

You and I have a body consisting of trillions of cells.

The earth is a body consisting of billions of us.

Like our body, made up of cells, we make up the body of early, each human, a cell.

Corona- damage to different parts of body of earth, and though some cells have died, you and I are still "here."

Much like when someone is diagnosed with stage four cancer, and only then tarts to change their life, we find ourselves in a similar position. The diagnosis has been made/the attack has happened, it's in our best interest to start paying attention, not to the world, not to the pandemic, but to ourselves. To be more caring, more compassionate, more loving, more creative….to be better to ourselves in general. The knock off affect will be received by those close to us, our loved ones, families, friends and why not our neighbors?


Having talked through the idea with friends, the general concern is about those already facing hardships. If we know about it, let us create pockets of communities, that are helping each other out- no one goes unnoticed.

It's our nature to be nice, to be giving, caring, to share. We are born this way.


When I was around 11 years old, I was involved in a situation which contorted my face for a while. Off from school recovering, I learned quickly that i if I bent down, head lower than heart, blood would pour out of my nose.

One day, I was playing with my little angel- my brother, who was around two years old, at the time- and had kneeled down to look under a bed- likely for his toy car or something. Of course, in lowering my head, the blood began. That beautiful little child made a run for it- straight into our parents room and returned with one of his wet wipes.

We're talking about two year old child, who doesn't yet possess analytical skills. Not an ounce of fear came from him (for himself). He did not cry and dare I say that there was barely any time to think. He just simply acted, wanting to help his big sister.

We are innately good, and wanting that goodness for others-something that gets stomped out of us at a very very early age.


Back to Corona-A final note for consideration:

Look, should we enter a situation of quarantine- if I and my housemates cannot pay rent, then our landlord cannot pay the mortgage on the house to the bank. If the bank doesn't receive its money, all kinds of systems are affected. Multiply that times 100 people, 1000 people, 10 000 people and what happens...?

Let's say, for all intents and purposes, banks start to collapse, which eventually crashes the financial system. What would be wrong with that? Think about it, really think about it....

Are you truly happy with the way the financial system (or any other system for that matter),runs now? Are you willing to walk into the unfamiliar, the unknown, or would you rather go back to the cage...?

What do yo love about the current system? Or do you complain about it?

Do you complain about money, and the power it has over you, opting to dream about living off nature on a tropical island with your family and close friends, providing for and helping one another...?

See where I'm going with this? Now, I leave you to your own imagination, as I want to get out for walk in the balmy 16C we're experiencing right now.

PS: wherever you are, should quarantine become a reality for you, please use your smart devices wisely, or you will be used. Get creative, try new things, learn stuff you've wanted to for too long, or, just stop and meditate, teaching yourself how to, by the countless teachers online.

We've got this guys, we've got this.

I love you and appreciate that you have made it to the end of this writing, whether or not you agree.

Stay/be blessed.



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