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A recap of last nights The Dragon Ladies will come in due time, as I'm still digesting it, though suffice it to say, it was a huge success.

I write with yesterday's 4am makeup still on, sat in my pj's with zero intention to get out of them - or maybe only to sauna, and shower, though that's a strong maybe. -

I also thought I might follow up the last few days of food creating & tasting with a water fast, but with the cacao powder still on the counter from yesterday's peppermint fudge creation, and coconut cream in the fridge, well, I was guided to play.

Along with my cup of turmeric coffee, I enjoyed this chocolate thing.

Inspired by how easy the fudge was to make and with great response it got from guests, I carried on from it. (I will share the recipe for the peppermint fudge & my cookie butter truffles in upcoming posts).

Got my bain marie going, threw in a couple pieces of leftover dark chocolate, coconut cream, poppy seeds, cacao powder, almond butter, a pinch of salt, maple syrup, with an after thought of oat & rice flakes, and when it all clumped up, I put the mixture through a cookie cutter, then into the freezer for a short time, just to set.

I also added peanut and maple syrup, because why not..?

A perfect breakfast?


A perfect idea. 😉


And now, back to nothing.

Nothing but appreciating All That Is, and the beautiful people in my life. - Old ones who I've been bumbling around with for lifetimes, and new ones who come forward again after lifetimes.

Wishing you peace & joy in your day too.


♥ ☮ ∞


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