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Hello Again!

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Indeed a long while it has been since my last update, and what an onward journey it has been.

Allow me to welcome those of you who are new here;

Welcome to my home, my hearts' outpouring of "song."

In the last three months alone, I have uprooted my life 4 more times, (with the uprooting commencing in the final days of November 2021).

Many times I have died and resurrected.

Many times I have allowed the full surrender to do so.

I stopped thinking I was alone and understood

When truly comprehending my own beliefs

That God never

But never

Deserts any of his children and that always

It is my choice to go back Home.

That said,

A man came along.

A great Soul,

Who recognized

the Universe of himself through me,

And I,

The Universe of myself through him,

Recognizing beyond the personal, beyond the physical.

A recognition that is

Known, is


Beyond seen, And heard.

A book writes itself through my hand.

A book near completion,

With the prequel already being on the way.

A book about life,

About All.

An autobiography,

With recipes I created or refined whilst the writing was happening,

About sciences:

Physics, Biology, Earth,

About Mathematics,

Though one could hardly notice the aformentioned,

Being intertwined in stories that would make you laugh




and all manner in between.

I AM HOME, is about Everything.

The Spirit of Everything.

I trust you too, are well.

As always, and with great love, blessings of the High.



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1 Comment

Melody Geyman Borthwick
Melody Geyman Borthwick
Jul 07, 2022

lovely ❤️ and a book!

excited to read it




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