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I'm Sorry

I'm sorry for co-creating all the suffering, hate, division, deceit, greed, fear, and so much more in the world.

Please forgive me for perpetuating all of the above, for perpetuating it even after becoming aware.

I forgive myself for every thought, action, or deed

In the present, past or future,

Across all time-space realities/ dimensions / densities

Which was not composed of the frequency of sacred love.

I forgive all those with whom I shared conflicting discordant energies

In the present or the past

Across all time-space realities/ dimensions/ densities

And return to them, wrapped in a bubble of love, all impacted energies, negative memories and any probable futures we created together.

I call upon the Angels of Forgiveness

To permeate all facets of my being

With the frequency of sacred love

So that I am soul focused and heart centred

As a bearer of light

And a true self master.

Thank You Archangel Michael for this prayer.

Thank You for the opportunity to grow and expand from the contrast I myself, created.

I love You, Manj, All That Is... God.


What I've just shared is part of the conversation I have with myself every morning.

I hope you find solace here, especially going into the next few days.

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