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The Lion & The Lamb

This is a brilliant analogy as to what's going on in today's current affairs - when you tune into the frequency outside of the box called "tell-a-vision," in other words, the lion's lair, you start to see what's really going on.

We are beyond "breadcrumbs," of information present time, as masses of people work together across the worldwideweb, which try as they might, cannot censor one thing without more people popping up, taking on the baton of the "downed," who will only be resurrected.

The days seem to be numbered for the small flock/bunch of predators at the top of a food-chain, whereby those (we), who have been beneath them are no longer creeping in.

The little lambs are in, surrounding the predator and moving fast.


Extinction is near, and the golden era is upon us.

All this said, and still, I hold to "see the peace in yourself first," we have, after all, been willing accomplices (sleepwalking through life), to the plan that's no longer.

When things start getting really ugly, remember that the way out is the way in. Help each other.

In peace, with love,



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