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Volunteering with & for Angels at Domec: Centre for Those without Homes

Paulina, all set to head down with the first tray of warm focaccia.

27 December, 2018,

Second year in a row,

Now makes it an annual thing . ~

Alongside dear friend Jan Orlovsky, and young volunteer Paulina, (missing this year Jan's daughter, Nikola- though I imagine she was doing something similar in the States), a feast was made and had.

A fairly last minute idea, Jan brought us all together again, for not quite a repeat of last year, rather something even better.

With fresh apples to begin with, the menu once again was a Hungarian Style Chicken Paprikash, along with traditional European Dumplings, and an addition this year: homemade Italian Focaccia, laced with a little Middle Eastern flare, all made with a huge dose of love.

What absolute joy it was to be part of the team of Domec again, being part of offering a treat to our brothers and sisters without homes. Of course, mega thanks to Jan who personally covered the costs of all the chicken and halusky, as well as pouring his heart into the food, then doing a full clean up, before dashing off for a meeting. DAKUJEME JANKO!

Having served everyone after cooking, was equally as joyful as cooking. Everyone was sooooo happy, especially with seconds, even thirds available, but really, just that it was, it happened....


What smiles there were,

Happy tears too,

Souls a-glowing,

This is Life,

Truth, absolute.

An honour,

A pleasure,

Back again sooner,

Than 2019 Christmas,

It's always so fruitful.


PS: I will be back in kitchen cooking regularly - if you'd like to volunteer with me- I'd love your help!

Please drop me a line here.



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