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Welcome To The Rabbit Hole: Wipe Off Your Eyes, Keep Going

21 January, 2018

My heartfelt welcome. 

You're here for a reason only you know. 

I ask for your discretion upon tuning into this video. 

Easy does it, please. 

It can be overwhelmingly shocking if you've just entered the vastness that is "the rabbit hole," though with you being

here and now,


UPDATE: Due to the rampant censorship going on by Youtube, and other social media sites, not only was the link deleted, but now the entire Goldfish Report page has been terminated on grounds of "abusive behavior, bullying, harassing..." etc. None of which could be farther from the truth.

You decide.

Check out


Let's use this expansive technology, that is at our fingertips, to our advantage, as opposed to allowing it to numb us.

I invite and encourage you to do your own research. 

Go inwards, where #liberation awaits you, that is all you need "do." 

~Peace be Still~ 

With great love 

To & for You

Dear One.


♥ ☮∞

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