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WoMan: To Frolick, To Mother, To Tempt, To Hibernate, Beauty in One Body, Equality, Unity, Man

extended thoughts from the voice note.. it not the most opportune moment we stop bleeding all over men, in the "fight for equality..." break the spell of this tightly woven indoctrination of victimhood, that we've given sway to, thereby looking for solutions where they cannot be had except always on the surface, which only perpetuates the fight....?

When woman goes back to her true innate self, that of nurturer, when she stops fighting, allowing herself to come to balance within, then too, with grace and ease, do we leave space for man to do the same, for far has the pendulum swung, far from innate of the HUman collective.

Equality| Unity | Balance | Zero Point is communion within oneself of the mind and heart, (masculine and feminine respectively).

Whence we focus on and return to Zero Point within oneself, within one's inner world, the outer can not but follow suit, all things being a projection of the inner.

The Unity of masculine and feminine is not a gender thing,

strength thing,

ego thing,

any thing...


we must all endeavor to accomplish

for true Heaven on Earth

for all.

Closer than ever are we NOW to dispelling the myth of separation and division.

Carry on dear Star, though you are worn out.

When we do this we have Unity as we have not experienced in literally, eons. Not even I can fully grasp what that Unity looks like, but I know, remember taste & feel It, beyond words.


Sisters, know thyself.

Brothers, know thyself.

Have compassion for Self first,

and then, each other.

Make no apologies~ For Giving is the call of the moment.

Forgiving Oneself for perpetuating


which drive us,

and one another mad.

Love fiercely, yourself first and when You have filled Your cup, and she has filled her cup and he has filled his cup and everyone has filled their own cup our cups overflow with love. New Earth has already birthed and this Unity has begun it's tsunami wave.

The only side that remains,

is the INSIDE.

See and know that already

You are the Light.

It is already t/here,


Know & Shine.

You are already ON.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

In Universal Love with All,

~Godspeed ​

♡​​ 𓂀 ∞ M

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