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23 Apr 2019

thisss_litttle_coookie on Instagram

Tis true, This Little Cookie is back to sharing more of my creativity. Look out for lastest food share, as well heart ponderings :). 

And as always, gracious thanks for you. 



23 Apr 2019

Starting From Scratch

Hey There :) 


Some movement here at #14, and with great excitement & humility, I share my latest work of heART. 

Join me as I recount day by day, how I bust out of old paradigms, and habitual patterns, creating and shaping reality as I see and know it to be in my minds eye. 

Having embraced "Be The Change," that is precisely what "Starting From Scratch," is about. Remaining heart-centred and soul-focused, bending much, walking to the beat of my own drum. 

As I so very much enjoy doing audio recordings, rather than simply rewriting my pencilled drafts in blog form, I opted for audio instead, posted here, on YouTube.  

We're at release #8- days 8-10 of 100 today, (with a three month lag time), and the story continues to develop. 

If you're a curious cat, like myself, do come along- and thank you very much should you opt to. Like many have thus far, perhaps you'll play a character in this tale...? :) 

In any case, again, I thank you for being here and now, with me.

Lots of love~


ॐ ∞ ♡

29 Dec 2018

Volunteering at Domec: Centre fo Homeless. Cooking with and For Angels~

Two years in a row, makes it tradition!  :D

26 Dec 2018


HEY! Who pressed play? 

26 Dec 2018

New Voice Recordings ~ One for Everyone :D

Three new audio tracks!


One for kids- How The Grinch Stole Christmas, by lyrical genius, Dr Seuss.~


One for big kids ;D - another excerpt from the infamous and one of my favorites, “The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, titled: Excuse Me, But Are You Aliens…?” By Douglas Adams.~


And finally, “Current Affairs,” experienced ~as far back as 1894~ and transcribed by author Baird T. Spaulding (& expedition), from The Life & Teachings of the Masters of The Far East- a true thought provoker, always.


The tracks are marked “new.”


Enjoy :D

11 Oct 2018

A new tab: heARTworx (my personal Art gallery)

08 Oct 2018

Nature And Her Way: A Beautiful Analogy Into Current Affairs

17 Aug 2018

An intimate retreat for eight people, in a charming villa with stunning views, nestled away on a hillside, where you step into Kundalini Yoga upon awakening, meditation by nightfall with the entire day to do as you wish. 

During your off time, surely you may venture around the island in your rented car, participate in excursions guided by your lovely hosts, or simply remain in silence and stillness ~ whatever most resonates with you. 


This retreat is run by Nada Stranska, whilst partner Jerome Laubion is behind the scenes, ensuring your most pleasant stay at the villa. 


In equal measure, food being very much part of yoga, you will not soon forget the delectable vegan/vegetarian delights that are prepared for you with great love, each day.


All the details, as outlined by Nada and Jerome, and more about them, are available here:

Nada ~a ray of sunshine ;) ~ is happy to answer any additional questions you might have. 

This may well be the exact thing your body and mind, have been asking for ~ to connect deeper to your wondrous Self, your Soul~. 

Is it not time to fly, Dearest You...? 


See you there~



10 Jul 2018

Audio Recordings

With a flurry of inspiration, I'm guided to share again, this time by way of audio recordings.
The time is now.

The stories are kind of impromptu, things that just come to mind, short(ish).

"My Pilgrimage," comes after nine months of gestation, one could say, I talk about my stay in Canada, at Sanctuary 143.
What was intended to be a stay for a few months, ended up being a time of incredible transformation, over 14 months. 

I didn't know I was going back to my womb, my heart, my parents, and for long could not articulate the beauty it was, and still is.
If I'd have known that the outcome was going to be so life-changing, so enriching, I'd have gone sooner. Alas, all things in divine timing, right?

There's also a short I did about my mum and I cursing at each other, in what ended up being quite a high.

Then there's the cheating piece, and a quick story about a beautiful experience with two lovely lovely old (Slovak) women on a bus.

I don't know why now, other than to say I just feel guided to share, so I am.

On that note, I hope you find goodness in my sharings, and are inspired to walk into the direction of YourSelf, for anything you are seeking.

With great love to and for You All~Bless You.

01 Jul 2018

The Shift

Have you been feeling it too? 

In the time since my last update, it seems there's been a quickening, a tremendous shift. 

Much has transpired in my own world, as well as the world overall. 


For example, take a look at this video that's going viral. produced by a brave gentleman named Joe M, entitled "Q-The Plan To Save The World."


Who/What is "Q"? Watch the video, and then back track a little in my blog posts. 

The momentum is picking up. There's a revolution going on that many are coining, #thegreatawakening.

PS: Fists down, go within, change starts from You, right within your heart. 


18 May 2018

"M" is for Meet-up & this one's about Food ;)

I've started a Foodie's meet-up: 

For The Love OF Food  ~ Bratislava

More details coming-   though for now, do come along onto the meet-up site and join. ;) 


17 Apr 2018

Sample Menu

As per the picture, thus far, this is the star option for a set menu.


Of course, there is the other option of booking me to cook for you whereby you stock your fridge & pantry - only to be used as my artists palette & playground upon arrival. ;)

26 Mar 2018

Chef Parade Cookery School - Launching My Plant Based Course Sooon! :D

We're at the very final stage before I start teaching :) 

All I've got to do is finalize my recipes, send them into the virtual world where they end up with the Lovely Izabela Bedajova, and she takes over from there getting the new, Totally Plant-Based course on the website. 

All in divine timing <3

26 Mar 2018

I'm Looking For YOU!

This one's two fold. Indeed as per the graphic, I am looking for "Professional" Recipe Taster/Tester," and I'm looking for a place to practice (creating new delectable plant-based recipes). 

Yes, back to Bratislava (mid-town), and this time for a min of three weeks, and max of three months before moving on. 

Are you ready to coalesce with This Little Cookie & be witness to some new & outstanding creative dishes? 

If so, come here  for more details. 

#leapoffaith #freespirit 

26 Mar 2018

The Dragon Ladies Follow Up-WHAT a ride!

We did it and wow was it crazy, and awesome in equal measure. 
The feedback was: spectacular food, combos, silver and plated service, music...You name it. 

A success in my books, beyond the words I can put upon this event. 

Read on :) 

05 Mar 2018

The Dragon Ladies: Dada, Myself & Soulfood

I've already eluded to my Twin Dragon in blog posts, and now I'm pleased to share what exactly is going on.

No less than a cosmic reunion of delicious proportions ;)


Read on here...

#Soulfoodmates ;) 

19 Feb 2018

This Little Cookie In Transition

This website is going through an upgrade, so bear with me whilst we're in transition.

There's much to tell and share but all that at the perfect time, as always. 

Be good to You :**


17 Feb 2018

Initiation Over- I'm In! :) From Sous-Chef to Chef Maruška, at Chef Parade Cookery School ;)

I'm incredibly pleased to relay that my sous-chef days at Chef Parade are complete, and I'm going forward -  sola :) 

I've got the pleasure of leading a team-building event this week, for a few folks from Swiss Re - in English. So excited!

If you're interested in booking in your own team with me, contact Chef Parade directly: 

mobile: +421 948 234 556


And of course, should you wish to hire me to create & cook my heart out, in your own home, for a gathering with friends, or lessons on plant based food, drop me a line. :) 

Stay tuned for the release of my own "Plant Based Soul Food" course, which is envisaged for March 2018 ;)  

04 Feb 2018

My Latest in (Fashion) Creation

Boho meets Chique ~ the super comfort of harem pants in suiting fabric. 

read on here...

04 Feb 2018

Plant-Based "Cheese?"

Indeed, plant-based cheese.

I've happily delved down that path, and to be honest, my imagination is in overdrive. 
I recently blogged about the marvelous recipes I came across for sheep cheese, (aka BRYNDZA), by Blue Raven and "Moxarella," a name coined by developer Somer McCowan for good old mozzarella.  


My ultimate dream? A plant based mature cheddar. ;) 

12 Jan 2018

"SEVA" Being of Service to Others

It was between Christmas & New Years last year, 2017, that I finally fulfilled a desire I'd had for far too long. 
Not only serving brothers and sisters without a home, but actually cooking for them. 
Read more here..

16 Dec 2017


Indeed, that is Yours Truly, in a chef's jacket. More to come on that. ;D

18 Nov 2017

Oh Food, how do I love thee!

Food food food. Need I say more?

I'm back, born again today, in (the state of) love, at peace. in joy. 

To catch a few words from my latest food fest, click right here. 

Be love, have fun, enjoy yourself.  <3

PS: I have added a few more blog posts (videos) that you might find of interest: 

Self Healing/Awareness/Love Part 1 - 24:04 mins

Motivation & "Others" (who try to squash yours) - 2:31 mins. 

29 Feb 2016


UPDATE 07 03 2018- Though we've discontinued much in the realm of cookies, you might still spot/taste them around town at special events.  

PS: I've been known to make a batch of cookie dough here and there upon request.

All you need to do is ask, and you may well have that favorite peppermint or chocolate chunk cookie dough in YOUR own freezer, to be baked by you, whenever you please!!  ;) 


We've done it :) 

This Little Cookie has come up with thee most incredible vegan cookie ever. 


Afer some testing in Cookie Town, the result is a delectable new cookie that is egg and butter free, with zero compromises on taste or texture. They are truly phenomenal, though you'll have to judge for yourself. 

There will soon be a blog post as to why we decided to go without the butter, though for now you can read about why we opted for egg-less cookies (and not for health reasons! ;)). 

We do things with much patience and love around here, as all our little gems are heart & handmade. In due time, (sooner than later), you'll be able to sample these new cookies. 

xxThis Little Cookie - adding a little sweetness to your day :** 


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