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Christina Bengtsson - THE ART OF FOCUS

She's like the female version of James Bond. Moving on purpose, with precision, with charisma with grace. Her voice, articulation, intonation, gestures..all perfect.

A most compelling speech by Christina Bengtsson, author of "The Art of Focus," - who's wave I read and ride upon, ultimately speaking the language of the heart.

Having tuned into her speech, I couldn't not send her a few words of appreciation for the resonance I felt.

"To the team of Christina Bengtsson," I began, "please may I ask that this message reach Her?"

And to my absolute delight, she herself responded not too long after. Truly beautiful from the inside out, and just a very good feeling person to me. Thank you dear Christina, keep thriving!

"Christina Bengtsson is an author, lecturer, military officer and World Champion in precision shooting..."

Should you be curious to know more about her, do stop over on her website:

In greatness,



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