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The Lecture:  WO.MENstruation


Helping women embody all that we are, anchoring Spirit into Body.


Along with self care practices, of meditation, good sleep, movement, etc., 

we look at hormones for those newly menstruating, all the way to those past menopause, with the purpose of getting in synch with the moon, regardless as to where a woman is in her cycle of life.


Marrying Ancient and Modern Wisdom together, 

We look at the different seasons of a woman, in resonance with the seasons of nature around us. We delve into the four feminine archetypes; a different woman for each season, and the attributes of each- why we become aggressive, or horny, or so nice one week, and miserable the next.


The Modern:

We look at hormones, and how to support them naturally, through the different seasons we go through in a "normal," 28-30 cycle, naturally. 

Support with the right food, at the right time. In equal measure, we cover the importance of fasting, why to do it, how long and when, according, once again, to our seasons. 


Teaching this to younger girls will ward off diseases that are creeping into younger and younger folk:  PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Autoimmune disorders, Raging PMS/PMT, well as offering guidance to those going through it without enough support from western medicine. 


For those with greater life experience, it's the hot flashes, sleepless nights, and a host of other symptoms, brought on by changing hormones, namely estrogen, that too, are observed with the same magnifying glass. 

When a woman knows her Self, body, mind, spirit, as One,

Dis-ease diminishes greatly. 

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