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~The Beginning~

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Moazzez Confectionary Etymology  (1)_edi

Once upon a time, inadvertantly in her play, Manj- for the second time - plugged a hole in Bratislava's (Slovakia), market. First it was her Misfit of Bratislava Bootcamp Fitness Business, then...


A longer story than short, it was simply through her play, and sharing of that play- (many many coolies), that her then partner suggested to a friend who owned a cafe to carry the cookies. 

They did, and eventually "This Little Cookie," was born. 

After that ended, a sabbatical and henceforth massive transformation, Manj was picked up by a cookery school in Bratislava, conjuring up recipes for a plant based course. 

A child, in his 5th year, with his family travels from their home-town, 

a great distance, to the capital city of Tehran, to his uncles. 

Someone that he sees, alters the trajectory of his life, instantaneously. 

Feeling betrayed, he wants to leave his country. 

He wants to leave, and live in America, with his uncles. 

He is serious. 

Back home after the visit, he vows to leave home, packs a bag, and with blessings from his father, he does so.

He returns a little while later.

Not yet, it wasn't "time."


A child with a curious mind, he asks about God.

In school, God is taught to be one way, which does not resonate with this child. 

A day before her life was to uproot, again, around Spring Equinox 2022, Manj relayed her cookie story to Benjamin, then a newfound friend (or rather old friend of the ages, with whom she shared a great love), as they walked through Springbank Park in London, Ontario. HIs ears perked up immediately, and he excitedly asked questions.  Seeds that had already existed within the pair, were being watered by Divinity, and here we are celebrating. 

Moazzez Confectionary is conceptualized by Ben, birthed through and artistically rendered by Manj, carried on the wings of love, of Divinity. Living the sweet life is not just a logo, but life as it was intended. 

Etymology and our Logo


A long standing, & well known family name in the business of baking, based in Persia, now also in London, Ontario.


An establishment that sells confections, or, sweets.


To create. To bring about. To bring to completion.


An all round, interactive, educational, & heartful experience, with offerings from sweet to savory, Confectors, Manj & Ben Moazzez, ‘twogether’ create sweeties and savories, under the umbrella of spices, nuts and beans. Dormant taste buds are invoked to awaken, and surface anew. Truly an humble expression of love offered through the sanctity of food. Come along, we invite you to join us in living the sweet life.

Black and White Minimal Monogram Logo BO


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