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Whether it's a one to one course on plant-based cooking you're after, 


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To work with children via food 


You wish to collaborate, 

or, Anything else food related, 

Please write your request out clearly and I shall get back to you at the perfect time. 

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Matters of the Heart

Feeling stuck and need someone to chat things through with? Allow me to be of service.

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I love to see people thrive, and have a knack of pressing the right buttons, so they too can see the light I see within them. 


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Know that everything will be ok, &

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♥ ☮∞

Hi! :) My name is Munjeet, (Mun as in Sun), a birthday gift my grandfather lovingly gave me which means winner of hearts. However, I mostly go by either Manj or Maruška.

Why Maruška? I am an honorary Slovak, after all ;) 


 "This Little Cookie," is a name which came up in the days I was baking thee best ever chocolate chunk cookies, for cafes & private events around Bratislava back in late 2015 & 2016,

and the name just stuck ;)


An artist/creator through and through, I merrily skip to the beat of my own drum.. From cooking plant-based soulfood, to designing clothes, to drawing , to writing, to voice-overs. 

I love working with children, talking to random strangers, people watching. and solitude- I love my "me time" & sometimes doing nothing at all...

Whatever feels good in the moment. 

I am that I AM~

And, I am that person...I love Love, in all senses of the word, and (aside from food ), one of my greatest joys is to observe others tune into that love within themselves. 


That's me in a nutshell, happy go lucky Child of the Universe,

An Artist, Foodie & definitely a lover not a fighter! :) 

Feet grounded to mother earth,

and yet with my head in the clouds

kissing the sun good morning,

and the moon, goodnight..


"Magic happens when you come into the state of love.      

In stillness and peace is how to get  there.

Love and honor that you pour into    yourself,   

spills out to everyone and everything around you.

Be love, be You & the entire Universe

responds, conspires, & expands

with and for you."


 ♥ ☮∞  

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