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The Lecture:  WO.MENstruation


Helping woman embody all she is, we are, anchoring Spirit into Body. 

When woman sees her true nature, and understands herself better, so too will man, see and understand her better. Divine Harmony ensues from the inner to outer world. 


Along with self care practices, of meditation, good sleep, movement, etc., 

we look at hormones for those newly menstruating, all the way to those past menopause, with the purpose of getting in synch with the moon, regardless as to where a woman is in her cycle of life.


Marrying Ancient and Modern Wisdom together, 

We look at the different seasons of a woman, in resonance with the seasons of nature around us. We delve into the four feminine archetypes; a different woman for each season, and the attributes of each- why we become aggressive, or horny, or so nice one week, and miserable the next.


The Modern:

We look at hormones, and how to support them naturally, through the different seasons we go through in a "normal," 28-30 cycle, naturally. 

Support with the right food, at the right time. In equal measure, we cover the importance of fasting, why to do it, how long and when, according, once again, to our seasons. 


Teaching this to younger girls will ward off diseases that are creeping into younger and younger folk:  PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Autoimmune disorders, Raging PMS/PMT, well as offering guidance to those going through it without enough support from western medicine. 


For those with greater life experience, it's the hot flashes, sleepless nights, and a host of other symptoms, brought on by changing hormones, namely estrogen, that too, are observed with the same magnifying glass. 

When a woman knows her Self, body, mind, spirit, as One,

Dis-ease diminishes greatly, AND

Above all, balance is restored-

Within and Without: In her inner world, reflecting to the outer.

A great service has been for not just herself, but the collective of Humanity, 

by learning her nature. 

When ready, she, in her knowingness, will attract to herself a partner of equal vibration, with whom to bring life into the world, with righteousness or "right-use-ness" of her Womb. 

Please enquire within, should you be interested for zoom or in person /group sessions. 

Testimonials ~ from students, to strangers, all eventually dear friendsrangers, all

Basudev Pal, Director at Technossus

If I were a 12 year old travelling in a new country with a foreign language I would always want to hold Manj's hand. A great friend for those formative brain learning a new language or social skills Miss Carthigaser is a solid companian and a trustworthy name to all the parents whose children were lucky to hold her hand.

Aurelia, Student

When i think of marushka as a teacher, the first thing that comes to my mind is, that she is everything but a normal teacher. It is not like i sat in class and thought „oh when is it finally over“ like most students normally do. The thing i thought was „i don‘t really want this to be over“. I have had many teachers in my life but no one ever compared to her and her way of teaching. And as much as i would like to decsribe her way of teaching, i can‘t. I just know that it was something i never heard, learned before. I was not taught some formulas or vocabulary, she just gave me an other view on life. Me and the other students had the instant feeling of trust, after her first lesson with us. And that‘s sonthing special.

Marie, Student

 To begin with, the very first impression | got when meeting Maruška was her open minded and welcoming nature because it is very present, yet calm and honest. She immediately gets involved with each and everyone while respecting individual backgrounds. I consider Maruška a guide in her being because she never puts her own interests first and is eager to learn from others herself. Additionally you get a taste of her own outreaching intrest for various topics. It was not surprising that she was always one of the teachers we, as students, were keen to have and also approach for further matters outside of a classroom. Having her as a teacher is truly life enriching and her classes are filled with quality content to wake consciousness and train the mind to be alert and encouraged to question. To this day would I choose to take a class from Maruška if i could, because it retrospectively changed my experience and outlook on life to the better. Yours faithfully, Marie-Therese Pichler

Iva, Student

I remember you from camp and even though it was more than 2 years ago, I still tell my friends about what a great teacher you were to us all. I've learned so many important things from you that I remember to this day and that have helped me find a way in my life and deal with my thoughts. I am very happy that you weren't just a basic teacher that taught us English grammar and stuff like that. We learned so much more from you and you would always listen to your students too and we could talk to you about anything, which is amazing. I don't really know what else to say, but having you as a teacher was very eye-opening and educational in a much more important way than, for example, schools can offer.

Josh Alexander,
Teacher Colleague

“Manj and I worked together in a team, teaching English in various schools around Austria. This experience has put me in a wonderful position where I can do nothing but sing her praises. Manj is an incredibly positive force within the classroom, bringing a sense of calm professionalism and ability to read the room that made her incredibly adaptable to different learning environments. It is clear to see that Manj is a teacher. She would go to extra lengths to ensure that the pupils felt understood, valued and safe to make mistakes, speak up and ask questions. She teaches with an emphasis on inclusion, every kid would be included and leave her lessons feeling inspired no matter who they were. She’s a model professional, but brings her heart and soul to the job. I only wish we were still working together today!

Maruska always talks from her heart, accepting and taking everyone as they are. She is the most authentic 'true to yourself,' person I know always following her heart, & going where her heart takes her. She inspires people, making them believe in themselves. This is what she does and loves.

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