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The Sun, Stars, Moon, Earth: Eclipses, Portal Openings, and Things. 

09 March, 2024  

And so it is! Seatblests on!

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UAP's UFO's, Dr. Steven Greer

08 March, 2024  

This is an update worth your tuning in to. 

It's a matter of time before non-terrestrials arrive, and depending on what you think about them, whether you reside in love or fear, is greatly going to dictate your reality. 

There is much to be said about Dr. Steven Greer, but I'll leave that for you to research, if it resonates. Kindwhile, a 20minute video that might help things along. 

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Spaceship Landing on Earth

Offering Council

21 February, 2024  

If you feel as though you are stuck in a loop, or have come to a hurdle which you cannot yourself jump, consider a session with me.  If you're looking for a coach, setting goals and that manner of thing, I am not for you. My only desire for your is to help you see and clear blockages yourself, with a few tricks I've gained over this lifetime.  

Of import, know that YOU are the healer, and I, the facilitator. 

Numbers are my language, so we start with numerology, and work from there.  If it resonates, contact me. 

I have worked with many people, from all walks of life, from Diplomats and CEO's, musicians and artists, to young kids, with all manner of "issues." No thing is too big, or too small, as all is energy. 

If you're ready, come along. 

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WOMEN & MENstruation

14 February, 2024  

Another joint adventure that I am pleased to disclose is this class! Though I have been teaching it on my own, Benjamin is a vitol contributor, for his nuggets of gold for the gentleman population, and also for women, in his observations of me, who to him is "My Queen." 



14 February, 2024  

Do pardon us, as we on deliver great news now.  It was in late November that we signed papers with Western Fair District Market, and in mid December, Moazzez Confectionary was fully operational;  part of the vision has come into fruition.  The store itself is yet just a shell of what we know to transpire into the physical in Divine Accord. Whilst we flesh out our baby, new products are birthing on the regular now. Come check us out at 900 King St., London, Ontario, and see wht many are "WOW!!!"ing about ;)))

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Welcome Back!  

14 February, 2024  

Goodness me - it has been a while, and I'd love to say, I'm back, we're back, brand new! :) 

Since my last blog, (30 Dececmber 2022!), Thnigs have changed, A LOT! 

This page is just for quick notes, what's going on here, with Moazzez Confectionary, Solar Activity, Suggestions for Optimal Health, Ascending Humanity, and Tapping into Your Divine Self (which never are we separate from) know, the usual fare ;)_ 

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