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glorious food:
"Always the potential for a party ~in your very own mouth!"

I love love love food.

To cook, to create, to share, to serve others personally

Often time I'm told I should open my own restaurant, but that's not for me. 

I get immense joy from showing up  into your kitchen, preparing edible art, serving you personally, then feasting together. 

I love the sharing aspect, the food talk, breaking down food stereotypes - the "gluten-free" conundrum, the "egg" conundrum, the  protein, fat, carb, & calorie conundrums, the meat versus non-meat conundrum. the guilt shame, feeling bad-ness over food conundrum...

Let us drop it all and redefine food and what it means to us individually.

Food has the ability to touch all of our senses, to bring about immense joy. And isn't that why we're here, having this human experience - to be in joy?

There is so much to be said about food, and in my humblest offering- might I suggest that it is the language of love.

I'm sure you 're in no need of my persuasion. All you need do is imagine wrapping your mouth around your most coveted food in the entire galaxy, be it a sweet or savory item, rich or simple, soft and melt in your mouth type, or crunchy and crispy, messy, unrefined, and orgasmic in equal measure, leaving you licking your fingers, despite anyone's gaze upon you....

Truly, the way I see it, food is  one of two things: 

Either, a party in one's mouth,


Heaven in one's  mouth

...and unarguably 

Food is sacred. 

Let us thoroughly enjoy food, for what it truly is, deal? 

C'est tout ~

xxM ♥

My Offerings:

Package 1

1:1 Courses 

I come to you or we meet online.

Teaching you basics and tricks around plant-based foods,

in the comfort of your own kitchen.

4 three hour sessions broken down by:


~Dressings, Spreads, Soups  (including Salad) 



Package 2

A set menu of  two to four courses

Host purchases groceries

I arrive with specialty items~

anything needing extra time ie:

sprouted grains/legumes, plant-based "cheeses" that need fermenting &/ setting etc) ~

I cook, You dine 

Option 1
Up to eight people 

Option 2
Up to four people 

I show up, 

find inspiration in your kitchen & 

cook up an utterly delectable surprise.

Not even the sky's the limit with this option, so make sure you're hungry, that your fridge is well stocked and we've plenty of time for edible food art in your space :) 

Package 3


​Up to four children


Two hour sessions 

We prepare & make delicious food together, as per your childs' needs and likes.


Gnocchi, yogurt parfaits, pizza, birds nests, pretzels, pizza, flatbread & spreads, marshmallow fluff with fruit kebabs etc.




Varies depending on what you're after. 

Have your own ideas?

Cooking for Moms? 

Teach my partner how to cook!

Cooking with (pre) teens?

Surprise Birthday/Anniversary meal for two?

Not even the sky is the limit & anything is possible ~just ask!

Might you be of service to me? 


I am happy to trade services. The most important thing in our cooperation, is that everyone is happy. 






All dishes are plant-based, made from scratch, & full of love.

~ AND I have been known to surprise the heck out of many a diner, for the simple ingredients used, with my artistic flair, creative twists and turns~,


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