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He asks around, about the Creator of all things...but no answers come. 

Not forgetting his questions, he attempts to challenge God. 

Locking himself in the basement, he performs exercises to see if it's him "controlling" the outcome, or God. 

More questions. 


Far too dedicated to his studies, for the want of remaining top in his region, this young teen does not shower. 

His hair has curled and matted, so absorbed he becomes.

But why? This child, since  never forgot his aim. 

To get out, to be like his uncles: to be a Bazaari, a "Merchant."

He studied his way out of his native land, the top of everything, called "doctor," by others, long before his eventual PhD. 

In a series of unforeseen events, whilst attempting to land America, for his further studies, he landed instead in Ferrara, Italy: The breath of fresh air he knew existed, it was.

Finally, he tastes what he knew freedom to be.


Nearly a year in paradise, he jumps on a plane, Canada bound. In the middle of the night,

landing in St. John's Newfoundland, where he would spend the next 6 years, doing his doctorate in Chemistry. 

Different, very different than Italy. 

His life then opens him up to yoga, meditation, and a new chapter in consciousness begins. 

PhD done- a doctor in chemistry, or, The Alchemist. 

Bidding adieu to the Canadian Island, he flits between cities in Alberta, and Ontario,  before landing in Montreal, Quebec- much more his vibe, though with no chance of obtaining a PR from there, Ontario was the destination once again, with little London Ontario calling to him. That was in 2018. 


He lands a job at 3M- what a wonderful opportunity to land in a world-renowned American company, with HQ in London.  It was until it wasn't, as he quickly realized the corporate world was not for him, entrepreneurship was. 

Still a relative newcomer to the city, and witht he decision to go on his own, he experieneced the strife that sets in withot a "stable job."  IT was in that time, 

Charlie, WAterBAbies, Christ Consciousness...


Learning cap back on, now with an entirely different ball game to learn: The financial industry, by way of mortgages. He became a licensed Broker in 2020, part of a great Canadian team: Mortgage Architects.

With the way the industry was going, he had to pivot yet again. 


Doing his best and not giving up on helping others with mortgages, without really planning it, The Chai Spiced Walnut and Raisin Cake was born. 

With his great attention to detail, with the birth of the scrumptious cake, it called for resonating raiment, what our loaves are presented in to this day, from the very beginning. 

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