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Soul Food Cooking at Chef Parade

22 February, 2018

A truly wonderful evening was had yesterday at Chef Parade Cookery School, with some really great folks from Swiss Re. 

There was much cooking going on, and this time it wasn't me :). 

My FabFive whole-heartedly prepped a few numbers: 

•Sundried tomato spread

•Minestrone Soup 

•Pasta Con Pollo 

•Coconut Pancakes with Caramelized Pineapple 

Where they could have used machines,  they didn't, and totally worked their heart into the spread and pasta from absolute scratch. 

A delight to work with, and observe their flow together, it's no wonder they're part of the same team- really such lovely souls - who I hope will send me pix of their own food play every now and again 😉😉. 

The night ended as it began, with big smiles, and in traditional Slovak fashion - a shot of hruškovica (a highly spirited pear 😉).

❤️ my "job."  



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