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Gourmet Plant-Based Food: London (CA), There's a New ​​Chef on the Block! ;D ​♡​​

At long last, food makes a comeback!! It is all unfolding in Divine Accord, is all I can say for now ;). Finer details later, but for now, the first food picture I am sharing (with intention), following a very long hiatus:

Sprouted Mung Beans, + Red Peppers, & Sweet Peas in a Tamari, Ginger, Coriander Sauce, Enthroned on Ramen, Garnished by Broccoli Sprouts, Cucumber and Toasted Black Sesame Seeds ​​♡​​ ​​♡​​ ​​♡​​

I hadn't even realized how much I missed cooking, and sharing, until my most recent re-location. I love love love it all, from the sprouting, the chopping, cooking, and sharing.

I Am ever so blessed to be in a space that allows for all of the above, and finally got the "Profi Recipe Taster," I asked for a couple years back, in tow with a high-ceilinged kitchen and the best of all: a gas stove!, (and with a great many things I am so so so appreciative of, in between).

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

This is toooo funny! Look what I just found (after writing the above)!!! :))) I am literally giggling with the Universe :D You know how in my last post I was talking about manifestation? Well, through practicing feeling good, I have become much better at it ;) This "manifestation," took about two years (or three), and I got almost all that I asked for (one can always have more counter space, though, there is room for an island ; ), but most importantly, more than just a housemate: a kindred spirit, who wears his heart on his sleeve...Reveling in the joy & gifts just now, and there is only God to thank, I do, I Am.

Ever ever evermore, an extraordinary day to you, dear love!


​​♡​​ 𓂀 ∞


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