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"Have you studied Gestalt?" 

Asked a psychologist friend, curious about where I'd gathered my way of thought.  Eventually she would refer a patient to me, and after months of working with the young girl, I concluded the same findings as my friend. 

I'd never heard of Gestalt.

"Is that a Chinese Proverb?"

Asked the father of a teen I was working with.

"No," I answered, "I just made that up..."

"Wow, you're a true healer!"

Exclaimed a Master Level Reiki Healer, upon hearing my suggestion on how to work with her brother. 

"What are you? What do you practice?"

...I just AM. I AM That, I AM. 

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Sikh = Verb. To Learn. Pronounced "Seekh."

Also, the name of a religion, that which my parents practice.

Seeker- Myself, always. 

University of Life - Constant attendee,

with God, 

as Professor. 

Discernment- how does it feel? 

My truth, Faith, Expression - Love.

Teaching, naturally.

Facilitating Healing, naturally.

People, Humanity: My great Passion-

I love to see others thrive, 

To remember their own perfection,

And Love 

That they are. 

You. You Are Perfect. 

You, Are Love.

One. We Are.

We Are One.


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