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A Proper Hello!

Hello again ~ Dearest You,

I wonder how you are faring these days?

Much has changed around here, hence the quick blurt yesterday about Kim's Qi Gong class. With much going on - or nothing at all, but recalibration - I have decided to write in small pockets, as so much asks to be shared, and I really feel as though I've been holding my breath, in not sharing.

Let's carry on with Qi Gong.

Qi (pronounced "Chi," ), means life force energy. Gong means skill of working with that energy.

This is for EVERYONE, and in my world, we teach this to children from the very beginning of their lives.

Now then, if you are not in the vicinity, unable to make the class, or on the waitlist, I have something for you. :)

Lee Holden is the "Father of Qi Gong," having studied under the Taoist Master- Mantak Chia, long ago, in the east, he brought it to the western world. Qi Gong is the precursor to Tai Chi and many other martial arts that finds its roots during the time of Lemuria. Just as singing bowls, tuning forks, crystals, trees, the earth - Nature - is right brain technology, so too is Qi Gong, adding in energy flow and henceforth, balance within. Try it out! :)

Less than 7 mins to tune into you, and get your energy flowing.

Full video is just over 7mins, but when you get the hang of it, you'll find yourself doing this out of sheer joy, in just moments, knowing the greatness you're doing for your physical form.

We'll talk about the CranioSacral Fluid (which has much to do with our ability to tune into different frequencies- but so much more! Again, just try it ;)

Now then, a back story and how I got into this.

It was back in December, in going through a really intense purging process - which felt like death after death, leading to resurrecting over and over again, I had to start something new. I was drawn to Qi Gong, starting doing it, as well as taking ice cold showers upon awakening. What can I say two months on, but the transformation moved much more swiftly. What seemed depression, - what I can only say was the resistance to the change that was happening - lifted, and I went from feeling like I was just existing (did you find that December was a challenge too?!), to states of ecstatic joy, just for existing. Oh the paradox!

The world seems to be full of them just now, so every more reason to come here and share.

That said, it's been a while since I didn't want to get out of bed. This morning, I had just that happen.

However, as I remained, in and out of sleep, not in a state of resistance, but rather acceptance, I bounced out of bed around 10:30am (normally a 5am wake up), after a half hour meditation, preceded by taking in the codes from the sun as it came up this morning. WHAT A BLESSING!

God Bless Benjamin, -and blessed I AM- for his patience and offering of space, for me to walk through that portal this morning. He came by numerous times, (from my early lie in last night), to see if I needed anything. Just to reset, was all that came from me.

By 12:30, we were doing the waltz in the kitchen. I couldn't have imagined that I would have THAT much energy, considering how I'd been feeling yesterday, super heavy, and with a sensation of magnets operating around my head.

Magnets- a perfect segway into this next bit: have you noticed the increased solar activity? And, moreso, do you know the effect is has on you, me, the collective, of not just humanity, but all life? There is a geomagnetic field around the earth, which wanes with increased solar activity. We, all of life, too have a geomagnetic field- all is intertwined, and when there are happenings on the sun, too, there are happenings on Earth, and all of us sandwiched between. We are very much affected by such activity, and if you've been feeling off for the last little while, I wouldn't be surprised. The activity is going to not only continue, but intensify. Main stream media will eventually get on it, let us hope that they are helpful. That said, the cold showers I mentioned earlier, aid in grounding, as does Qi Gong (the latter, I had not known when I started my new morning routine), and meditation.

Of course, one of the best things is to be out in nature, and touch the Earth barefoot daily, as she continues her Ascension (which I'll go in to in the next blog). Hug a tree, at least touch one for a minute or so, giving thanks), if nothing else.

Alas, check out Stefan Burns, a young, down to hearth, humble, geophysicist, who's got his ear to the Earth and heart to the Sun, sharing all kinds of goodness.

Also, and we'll talk about this more later, as I spoke of meditation earlier, I wish to share a wonderful soul called, Adi with you. The things I've picked up from her, in the last couple of months are the equivalent of years worth. A very special, and generous soul, Adi was visited by Paramahansa Yogananda, a few years ago, (in the physical, though he made his transition in 1952, at the age of 59), and asked to study with him for a period of two years. She hadn't heard of him prior, let alone read his best selling book "Autobiography of a Yogi," nor was she permitted to, during her time of study, with the great master.

Adi, a native of Czech Republic, maintained her connection with Divine from a young age, being visited by her Hopi grandmother at the age of three. She spent countless hours meditating as a young teen, and has had countless incredible experiences in different frequency bands, meeting Divine Mother, Father, and Creator. Truly a special being, freely sharing information for us to ingest and share. And so, I do my part, with great love to and for you.

IT is from this video that I picked up mantras that I now find myself doing from sleep to wake. Great Solace in these sharings, you will find- or so I hope.

I Love You.


PS: Bear with me, as I find my flow in writing again, and getting succinct, helpful info your way.

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