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Father's Intuition, Numerology, Patterns, Feeling.

Here I am at work 

It’s just before 11

I’ve just had a beautiful interaction with a father and his daughter. Really really lovely. 

They were pleased at the things they gathered, crystals, information about them, the earth and things in resonance.

The daughter, as she purchased a gift for her RA, inquired as to whether we were hiring.

It's the energy of the cave within which I and my peers, show up to serve others- "Love & Peace For All."

Funnily, as her father made his purchase, his daughters phone rang. She, then and there, landed a job.

"The energy."

I am grateful to be here, in this crystal cave, in this time space, despite feeling like I could burst in to tears, again.

I know I am here on purpose, one’s birth is such: on purpose, but goodness, the despairing feeling that’s flits about just now, is not comfortable at all.

Yet too, I know it has purpose as we traverse a “time | space” uncharted before.

I feel like I’m falling apart, 

And I tell myself,

So don't hang on, what are you hanging on to anyhow? 

Old stories, patterns.., what?

So, fall apart.

Let it be.

Let the feelings of falling apart come

Like waves.

Let them come,

Let them go. 

And so I Am.

I just Am. 


The pair returned after 20mins

Father, about to leave the shopping centre, "had to" come back, to get something for his other daughter. 

Something had called - an opalite bracelet - and when relaying properties of the crystal, they resonated with what the daughter was/is experiencing, and therefore may aid her in. They were both surprised when I read off the properties, how in tune they were. I too was pleased, that dad followed his heart and came back.

So, a father’s intuition, strong at that,

I was curious about his life path number: master number 33- no surprise.

The daughter who was present; 3

The daughter for whom he came back to gift: 6. 

The littlest of the kids, also with an energetic signature of 3.

The above, 3 3’s, and a 6, divisible by 3 - Papa and the kiddo's.

Then came mama, with an energetic signature of 5, which sits central in a numerology chart.

At the end of doing their numbers on scrap papers, (doing the numbers was not a one time thing, rather woven into the conversation), I listed them in my notebook to see the patterns. 

Day/month/year - there were many!  Pattern after pattern, that when seen on paper was pleasantly surprising.

I hadn’t written their life path number beside the birthdays until after they left, which I’d wished I’d done for the resulting list of 3’s, 6, and the lone 5, as stated above.

Alas, close to the end of my shift, they returned, with Dad, yet again grabbing something for his little man.  "Three times lucky," I said.

I was so pleased and showed them the notebook, with mama being "Central Hub," as the father put it. "You're a good unit, and trust the little one," I relayed.


Patterns, they are everywhere and when we recognize them, if they are something not wanted, can be changed. 

As I’d shared with the pair, a great way to see patterns in one’s life, is to make a chart, starting with present year and descending to year of birth. 

Write down all the things remembered in corresponding year and notice patterns in 9 year cycles (of course, there are cycles within cycles, but we start with 9 years). 

So, I turn to you:

What’s going on now, that may have occurred 9years ago or 18, 27 (etc), years prior?  Do you wish to change anything?

The answers are under our nose, always, within our heart.

~ ~ ~

I received big winks from the universe today.  I am entirely grateful, though this melancholy still persists. Even on the ride home,  I noticed the beautiful magnolias and other flowers, and appreciated their beauty. It was nice to see Benjamin smiling, when I got home.

It was nice to go ground my bare feet on the earth.

It’s nice to sit here, even though my head pains, even though the melancholy persists. I do not attempt to trick it away, by “doing,” anything.

Anything other than what I feel, would take the uncomfortable feelings away, albeit temporarily. I’m just going to sit with this a while longer. 


I spent much of my life today in stillness, just being, moving slowly. Cleaning, walking, observing.

Too, I listened to these beautiful women who my heart goes out to, and I love to share with you.

I felt unwell, but that's ok. I also knew all along the way that everything is working out. Breathe. Ground. Let the energy move through...And so I can only say the same to you.

The hardest part for me is looking like I'm nuts to Benjamin. I have times of sheer bliss, which I do not share often enough, and I love feeling good, I love sharing it. I think it important to share the opposite too. Many years ago, when I was running my bootcamp fitness business in Slovakia, one of the mum's in my program, upon pulling out of a gathering she was having because I just felt so depressed, said to me, "I'm sorry you feel unwell, but I am glad to know that even someone like you goes through depression."

We all do, and it's ok.

Again, even when I'm there, I know that everything is working out for me. AS I said to Ben this morning, tears coming down, this is my own doing.

Anyhow, I also said to him that I feel I need to speak with someone, a therapist. Nancy Rebecca is my choice at present, as she resonates so very much. An RN and clairvoyant, she speaks my language: the language of the heart:

And there's Patricia Cota Robles:

So very much love to you,


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