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Solar Eclipse Day-

The Earth, All Her Inhabitants, The Sun

All in resonance,

All influencing one another.

Here we are, we've arrived at the big day, 

08.04.2024  (= 2)***

The Solar Eclipse is upon us, 

And there may not be a greater reason as to why it's 

such a big deal,

than the simple fact that 

SO many on Earth,

Are focused upon this event.

The beautiful golden map of astrology gives us clues about

What may come,

As the last time Pluto entered Aquarius,

250something years ago- (quite a long orbit!),

The American Declaration of Independence was signed.

Time for change yet again.

The myriad of possibilities that could arise from this auspicious or fear invoking event, 

Dependent on what one has tuned in to-

Is most certainly shaping our individual and collective reality. 

The trajectory keeps changing,


Suffice it to say, people are looking for change,

For sovereignty and freedom, 

And that's what energy brings. 

With birth comes pain, 

Or does it? 

As there is such a thing as

Orgasmic birth. 

So, again, perspective, perception, focus, knowing-

Reigns here. 

As per the second video, Cindy. Colleen and the entity called Pele,

She, Pele, refers to a portal opening during of the eclipse.

A portal which will pour love energy unto us.

For you who's here, reading, watching, knowing,

Bask in it.

Bask in the energy already showering upon us, on behalf of all sentient beings,

So that it may in you, and beam out to all~

For the Highest good of all, self included,

For the Highest good of Gaia.

Accept Love.

Be Love.

Shine Love.  

You are, and I Am



God Bless YOU, and may all souls be so blessed with so much love.

♡​​ 𓂀 ∞

I love PAul , Whitegold Eagle, who narrates what Earth Scribes round the world are tuning into from on High. Some super super super messages here!

***PS: it is a 2 day, numerologically.

2 = Balance and cooperation. - LET'S!!!

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