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Story from work: Getting my Period

Woman in Earth (Sardonyx crystal), She bleeds (into a pool of blood, on other side of stone).
Woman in Sardonyx, Bleeding

Already Into the spring season of my menstrual (moon) cycle, I wish to relay a story from last week, the night my period arrived. 

I was at work, and serving patrons til about 8:40pm, when I knew that my period was imminent.

Instead of closing up the store at that moment, shoved a tissue down my panties.

IT was so near to closing (9pm), and the thought of pulling out the accordian like door to the store, opening it again for a few mins, only to officially close the day and do it all over again, was not so appealing, especially feeling drained already. 

As soon as it was 9pm, I hurried to the staff lounge restroom. 

Arriving there, I saw a janitors cleaning cart, with no janitor in sight..

Door closed, "He/she is cleaning the loo right now, " I thought.

I hesitated a moment, thinking of other possibilities. The only other usable restroom (the public ones are promptly closed by 9pm), was down in the food court on the other side of the mall. I didn't budge...

In the moments of my hesitation, "Clara," emerged from the restroom, finishing up mopping the floor.- the last thing she'd have to do.

Not pleased to see me stood there, I exclaimed that I worked in the mall and needed to use the loo. 

Not that she lost her lid, but she did become defensive immediately. 

"Isn't there a bathroom in your store?" 

"Why didn't come before the mall closed?"

"I have to go down to and clean food court, still..."

...that sort of thing. 

I knew it was about her.  She had lots to do, wanted to go home, and least of all wanted to reclean the rest room I was about to use.  In those moments, thoughts went through my mind about 'importance.' 

Is my need greater than hers? Hers more than mine? 

I harboured no anger, nor ill will. 

I could feel and read her, and remained calm, relaying that my period had just arrived. 

I cannot remember the exact details just now, but at some point of her (air of) defensiveness, I stepping in closer to her, warmly touching her forearm and said something along the lines of; 

"please, woman to woman, tell me what I should do." 

Still a little flustered, she permitted me in, for which I was grateful.

Whence I finished, she was still there, and apologized to me, with sincerity.  Just the thought, brings me to near tears.  

I asked her name, touched her arm again, and said it was ok, everything was ok. 


In my world, women take care of one another, not because we share something "icky and gross," but because we share something profound- this incredible form of woman, this temple, which miraculously, gives way to   housing, nurturing and birthing another form.  

In my world everyone is revered, all life, for it is a near ridiculous miracle how and that we exist.  

Part 2 comes shortly, where all the attention is on the moon/ menstrual cycle, and that woman goes through. 

In my questioning around about the info I will share - the seasons we go through during our moon cycle, and the feminine archetype related to each, the relationship between food and hormones, fasting for optimizing health, not solely about weight loss ( a side benefit),

it never ceases to surprise me how little we know about ourselves, as nature, as creator beings.

Stayed tuned, and thank you for tuning in, always.


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