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Aloe Vera ~ "Careful of the Yellow Goo"


The human mind fascinates me to no end.

Having graciously received numerous aloe plants from a friend, I'm enjoying some DIY experimenting. Doing a little bit of background reading, aloe is certainly ringing high as a superfood, and has a wide range of uses. This post is not about any of that. 

A thought popped into mind when cutting into a stem this morning, remembering what one blogger had said about the initial yellow juice/goo that comes out. Something along the lines of, let it release as it has a highly laxative effect...

Thinking of sharing the goodness of aloe here, I laughed to myself about the yellow goo, that I was writing it in my mind as a sort of disclaimer:

"Careful though, to let all the yellow goop run out, or you might find yourself on the toilet due to the laxative effect...."

Seriously Manj? 


As soon as that thought came, more followed. 

Isn't it funny that we don't do the same with things such as:

* a bottle of coke or a sports drink

* alcohol

* prepackaged freezer meals

* children's cereal

* children's snacks

* salted/ roasted nuts

*foods we love that cause grief... get the picture. 

When it comes to the real deal, disclaimers abound, and how careful we become: 

* raw cashews are high in fat so only eat 6

*only half an avocado please, it's loaded with fat

*better not have that apple after dinner, fruits digest quickly, and are best eaten on their own. Having fruit post meal will cause the food in my belly to ferment..I'll just go for that ice cream. Or coffee and cake. Or a healthy flapjack. 

*careful, those lentils will give you gas.

*that cannibus...careful, it's addictive and causes depression

*vitamins & supplements come with caution (Once upon a time there lived a woman with severe depression. Finally she crossed paths with the right doctor who prescribed copious amounts of niacin (B3). Finally she was back to life, but when going back to her normal doctor, appalled at all the B3 she'd been taking, and how dangerous it could be, he took her off of it, and back she went, into the corner). 

Did I say fascinating?


C'est tout~ just a little food for thought. ;) 

PS: The website is going through a transition, so look for a new face in a little while. Meanwhile, still blogging, and will come out with the numerous ways aloe can be incorporated into your being - internally and externally. 

My morning tonic: 

Aloe "meat" + fresh ginger + tumeric all boiled together in water,  with the addition of raw honey once off the heat and slightly cooled. 


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