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Ascension: You're not Losing Your Mind

Allow me to rearticulate the title...We are actually losing our minds, giving way to create new ones in resonance with our Divine selves.

You can think of this as open surgery, whilst you are awake and functioning- there is no anesthesia, no doctor, no operating table. All of that is simply life. You've got to doctor yourself through this. The anesthesia is truly how loving and gentle you can be with yourself. This is a very open process that we are ALL going through.

I have had numerous conversations this past week or so, with others thinking that they were absolutely losing it, until we spoke, with the focus being on the sun and what's going on, especially of late, since spring equinox, 19 March, 2024. Every person I've come across, who thought they were going mental, was deeply relieved to hear that I'm having similar experiences, and it's something we're going through as a collective. (I've shared about Solar activity before in blog and facebook posts). Truly sorry you don't know about it yet, main stream media does not share yet.

Note, and you might not like this, but this is going to intensify in the next couple of years (in unison with Solar Maximum we've just entered = more solar activity = more natural disasters on Earth, and a rise in consciousness for all sentient beings, (or not), which means a host of physiological effects on us. See them as upgrades. See the solar activity as downloads. This is round the clock, and sometimes you'll be in bliss, sometimes like you wish to die, are purposeless, unknowing, confused....You may as well get used to the ups, the downs, and learn how to deal with the downs.

A recalibration period is required after solar downloads = SLOW DOWN, A LOT.

-Epsom salt baths are life savers. The perfect slow down, and detoxifier. See link for benefits.

Qi Gong, Restorative / Yin Yoga, Walk

Rest & Meditate

Barefeet on Earth

Spend time in nature

Eat well, drink alot of water

Fasting is beneficial (Women, according to your menstrual cycle)

Emotionally, do your best not to resist the change going on. The old stuff is coming up so you can blow it away now. Favor yourself, surrender to the process, have trust in IT, and let go let go let go of all that you thought to be the way of life.

Links to help you along:

Paul Whitegold Eagle- has a daily update, narrating messages by New Earth scribes /seers, who share what's going on. This is my morning go to, whilst getting ready. If he's too slow for you, speed up the playback, and /or read the transcript. Consider supporting Paul, as he shares daily, 7 days a week, pulling together info from some great great seers.

Pamela Aaralyn - channels Galactic Council of 9, and MANY beings who have transitioned (Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Robbin Williams...even Hitler.

Bilocates to future, (as well as past), interviewing people who've lived these next few years (goes as far ahead as 2085).

Following video is an interview with a woman called Carla from 2028

Equally as profound, are the messages which come through these two lovely souls:

Friends Cindy and Colleen, share a youtube channel together, whilst Cindy shares Angel messages from her channel : Lady of the forest 444, and Colleen shares golden nuggets of wisdom from her channel.

This particular and profound video about a being called Pele who is born from "the place where all souls come from," who's return is imminent and this time, with her inception, (birth and being on earth), great changes take place on Earth. Christ Consciousness returns: to every heart, from the heart of All That Is, via Pele, and though Jesus & Mary Magdalene are not her parents, (They are her guides when she does incarnate), the three souls are and always have been connected.

There is more, but I will leave it at this for you to digest for now.

So so so much love to and for you.


​♡​​ 𓂀 ∞

Please share with those who you imagine might resonate.


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