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Earth's Catastrophe 12000(ish) Years Ago: Comet? Magnetic Pole Shift? Both?

I've been tuned into the works and words of Ben Davidson, (Ben's credentials), for some time now and all that he relays about our Earth's natural and cyclical catastrophic events.

It was he, who introduced me to the infamous book, The Adam & Eve Story, by Dr. Chan Thomas - a book not so much about the obvious, rather about the cyclical nature of catastrophic events that have occurred on Earth. A curious thing here is that the book was classified by "authorities," in the US, for a good many years. Wonder why that would be? I leave it with you: THE ADAM AND EVE STORY | CIA FOIA (

The whole story (PDF) Adam & Eve story : Chan Thomas 1965 | Dani Franchini - ("Declassified in part, sanitized version 24/06/2013").

(All numbers being approximate), the last major catastrophe was around 12000 years ago. The one prior to that, 26 000 years ago, and all the signs are starting to show for the next one.

Please note, this message is not about fear and apocalypse. The powers that were, have done a tremendous job of seeding our minds with the numerous apocalyptic films produced by Hollywood. This is about piecing together puzzle pieces.

Anyhow, carrying on; enter Joe Rogan, along with Graham Hancock with Randall Carlson, three extraordinary human beings, just like Ben Davidson.

So many people have commented on Joe Rogan's channel asking for him to have Ben Davidson on, though to no avail. It is a wonder why, which actually Ben outlines in a video response to numerous folk commenting about recent episode: #1897 - Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson - The Joe Rogan Experience | Podcast on Spotify (A 14 min youtube clip Randall Carlson & Graham Hancock on Lost Technology and the Great Pyramids - YouTube)

Among a great many other things (new technology coming (Nikola Tesla), Pyramids around the world, Bimini Road & the Bermuda Triangle, Rogan's guests speak of catastrophism also, specifically of the last one approx 12000 years ago, however, contrary to Davidson's scientific direction/analysis, they claim the catastrophe had occurred due to a comet (or series of comets).

Both parties have mountains of scientific evidence for their claims, (and dare I mention that both parties are not well received by mainstream, for should any of the three gentlemen be even slightly "right," about their findings, our human history gets turned on its axis).


So here the kicker, as I really do appreciate all aforementioned - and this is why I share just now - what if both parties are correct? Comet and magnetic pole shift....but roughly two hundred years apart?

I made this bridge, - or rather it came to me - not wanting to choose either party, through Drunvalo Malchezedek's book, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, which talks about both events.

Davidson's response to the many who were asking why he'd not been on the Joe Rogan show, was simply "it's not my choice." Disaster Cycle, Rogan, Hancock, Carlson | Q and A Nov.14.2022 - YouTube

Though we are due for this disaster, human consciousness dictates the way forward. That's a different post altogether, though suffice it to say, the more we practice love, as opposed to separation and division, the less the catastrophic impact. Really though, if we could all, as a collective, stop in our tracks and see everyone as their true and perfect self, as we are, the world projected from our consciousness would be entirely different. Entirely.

Many of us were born for this, here in this specific time \ space continuum, to anchor love. Division has held sway for too long, won't you join us?

Anyhow, much to chew on.

I do, I do love you all.



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