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Freedom Convoy - Urgent News on Latest Press Conference via Stand Up Canada

What we're hearing here is incredibly different that what mainstream media is portraying. It is imperative in this democratic system, that all sides be presented. I am solely relaying another perspective, to allow you to deduce for yourself what is going on.

From what I am hearing from people there, Love is prevailing, and will continue to do so from Canada, outwards.

Enough is enough. Please share far and wide, where ever you are on Earth.

My Dear Sisters and Brothers, this is the beginning of the end, which means that the pregnant phase is nearly over and the birth that many of us have already felt, and know of, will be seen by all soon. All things born in vibration first, then into fruition.

I remind and invite you to know the end, that this ends as joyfully as a child is birthed into the world, except is it the world that is birthing anew. A resurrection, if you please, and in that, after two daunting years of restrictions in the name of safety, with rampant depression, abuse of all kinds, surge in addictions, euthanizing of our dear elderly folks due to isolation, with younger counterparts choosing the same end, by a means of their choice, as opposed to an injection administered by a doctor, a resurrection for those of us that remain, is in place. Here we are, rolling over the tombstone, alive, expressing, HERE.

Please, offer support to those who are experiencing difficulty, when you have the wherewithal, the strength, the heart.

Thank you ALL, for your part in this world wide love-revolution.

~God Bless You Each with so very much love,

Yours in Service,

Manj I AM~

​♡​​ 𓂀 ∞


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