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Awareness of Separation and Henceforth, Oneness

As long as we forgo the inlcusion of Spirit,

Across any subject,

Be it Health, Architecture, Science, Geography, Sex, History, Psychology, Philosophy...

What have you-

We still operate in an incomplete system-

A system of separateness.

Some other well known, men of gentle nature, well versed in the wholeness of life, include Tesla, Tagore, Einstein, and present day Robert Edward Grant.
Leonardo Davinci's Vitruvian Man, pictured from "The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life," by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Some other well known, men of gentle nature, well versed in the wholeness of life, include NikolaTesla, RabindranathTagore, AlbertEinstein, and present day, Robert Edward Grant.

When enough of the collective

Come to the awareness that there is no separation

Between any of the sciences, music, mathematics-

mathematics, which is but the study of ALL things-

We all rise.


Human in it's divine template is a polymath,

Knowing of everything.

How everything stems from energy/

The carrier of information.

From particle to wave, and wave to particle,

Vibration from the Invisible

Forming the sacred Geometry

Which is fleshed out by our senses.


These particular thoughts, (collected from the field, by no means my own),

Are sparked by my contemplations on health and in particular,

Women's health, connecting mind, womb, body.

Even with my own class on menstruation-

Bridging ancient and modern wisdom-

(As well as other teachings),

I am wholly cognizant of

The fragility and finiteness

Of the material.

That too, after integration, & tweaking of oneself,

One must discard the material

In order to continue ascending

The ladder of Consciousness.

What's the purpose?

I'm not so sure,

But what I do know with all my heart,

Is that there is no separation.

As I bring this full circle,

I wish to express

That when we realized there is no separation between

Things, such as those we learn in school-

We start to see and sense the

Connectedness of life,

Of All of Us.

And all things around us,

With our five (or more) senses.

Love, big love.


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