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Cheating- Your Partner, Each Other, Your Self (audio)

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

A quick recounting of a conversation with a friend about cheating. See if it resonates with you.


By staying together, we only continued to perpetuate a logical progression of an illogical circumstance.

Reason, season or a lifetime? Ours was certainly a reason, and our time together was done - soul contract over.

Hearing my ex-husbands words through the mouth of my dear friend recently, (as per short audio), my only and instinctive response was: "but we'd have cheated ourselves by staying was time."

We had the seemingly perfect life, a beautiful house, health, well to do, jobs, friends...but, I certainly did not have it together. Had we stayed together, we'd have robbed one another of the potential lives we could have led ~ which now, twelve years later, quite happily, we are leading.

To part ways with the wonderous soul I shared many years with, was devastating to us both but we got through it with time, with support.

He continues to be one of my greatest teachers, with the plethora of lessons I gained through our interaction. I'm very pleased for him, now happily married to a beautiful woman (who also happens to be his high school sweetheart), with two darling children.

Myself? I also found the love I was always looking for ~ it was in me the whole time.


Everything always works out, and when we can live from our true authenticity, with integrity, heart-centred, the path opens up for us, and clarity ensues upon it.

Everything will be ok, trust Me, trust You, and All That Is.



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