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In an effort to keep my very curious mind off of the ongoings of the world, after first sitting with all the feelings that were coming up, I tuned into a couple of my favorite guys, Aubrey Marcus and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

With the intentions of feeling good, honest, grounded, I take to designing, not writing this morning, I feel I need the gear shift to maintain my focus.

Also, I made a pact with both Nicky and myself a couple weeks back, that I was going to "dress up," every day, which essentially meant getting out of loungewear and into jeans. I'm straying from that pact today, in sweats, with yet another intention; to drop to my mat as often as needed to either focus on my breath solely, or coupled with (yin or restorative), yoga, which if you've never done is super slow.

That said, I'm going to now finish listening to these beautiful souls, whilst I pull out my fabrics, rulers, sewing machine and get creative. The notepad and pen shall be close by, as I have a feeling the switch in gears will lead my right back to channeling through my pen.

I do wish you a pleasant (rest of your) day, wherever you might be and if it feels right, send love to America. Be honest, be well, just Be.

Very much love & blessings,


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