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German Court in Weimar Declares Lockdown Unconstitutional

Perhaps the time is high to rid conspiracy theorists of that title.

Whilst the disinformation and censorship campaigns, in other words- polarizing propaganda on all sides is at peak level, and thus creating great confusion, is at insane levels, complacency is not an option.

Let us proceed forward with a lens of discernment, the key being moving forward.

And, whilst we still trust in and put our faith into governance outside of us, this here article is worthy of sharing.

Please click on the above quote to redirect you to the entire article.


This was brought to my attention by someone, whereby I otherwise may not have ever seen it.

Should you come across anything, I am happy to share it.

Blessings and very much love, strength and FOCUS.

The stuff going on in the world, is going on, but always come back to your inner world.

Spend time in nature, treat your body as though it is a 5 year old child- feed it well, nurture it, nurture YOU.



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