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..."Music Makes You Breathe..." Thanks Corona

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

"Music Makes You Breath..."

The above quote is by Italian poet, "Alda Merini, so fittingly recounted by a young gentlemen, participant of Italy's flash mob, in response to the Corona Virus.

So...perhaps this virus is really a blessing in disguise.

I reiterate, we - human beings - are inherently good, inherently social, innately loving.

More and more messages of goodness, of change, of hope, of incredulous imaginations are coming through....

Things will never be the same, as we walk away from a normal in which we thought we were free.

In the midst of lockdown, people are realizing true freedom.

The Schumann Resonance is reflecting the collective heart of humanity waking up.

Keep going. Keep walking forward into the unknown, into unchartered territory, into love.

God Bless You,


Oh hey- and did you see the dolphins and swans, the clear canals in Venice...? People are calling that "fake news..." I wonder why anyone would want to do that...?

..Anyhow, neat, right? Just neat. more thing- to the nay-sayers, haters and doubters......Don't they want to believe (in good...)? Anyhow, I bless them all the same. Everyone is worthy of love, unconditional.

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