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One Choice: Love or Fear?....what are you afraid of, really...?

.....and quite actually if you allow that /those fears to arise, then ask questions, you might find that you're not truly just thought you were.

Dr. John Gildea, in conversation with Dr. Zach Bush, shares his experience + findings from military diagnostic labs. (Also on the panel are Dr. Cindy Fallon (who shares her history working at chemical industry Dupont), & Dr. Lee Cowden, who alleviated his personal health issues with holistic medicine. Panelists discuss on how to develop a strong immune system).

A small breakdown (from Immune System: Replay - Zach Bush MD):

"(34:00) – Dr. John Gildea shares his experience + findings from military diagnostic labs where he worked detecting retroviruses and testing for airborne pathogens.

(38:20) In this research, he discovered that the human nose was better than man-made meshes or masks at detecting + filtering out harmful pathogens, and

(43:45) he talks with us about the behavior of viral particles when they are aerosolized.

(46:51) – Dr. Zach Bush explains how this information constructs an innate immune system that is integrally connected to the environment...."

If you can, do tune into the whole thing, it is truly mind expanding, and where there is Dr. Bush, one's heart cannot but expand.


Also, if you didn't catch it, the video about how asking too many questions resolved the "dangerous," gypsy moth issue, here you are: With Child-Like Grace, Always Ask: "But Why?" (Winston & The Gypsy Moth Nest) - YouTube

All is well my loves...all is well. I invite you to be more aware of your love thoughts, as well as your fear thoughts. See where you're at, and keep walking....

Great love to, with, for You, ♡☆M

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