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Spirals radiating from and to Earth

A simple Call To Action:

Create spirals of rocks, twigs, flowers- anything of Earth - on Earth.

Earth, and we upon Her,

Have all gone up an octave in consciousness, at long last-

A feat never before completed,


Depending upon one's focal point,

Earth and all her inhabitants are either falling apart,

Or doing blazingly well.

Neither being good, bad, right or wrong,

simply experiential,

It is my wonder that if we all-

And will all my heart I do-

TRULY DESIRE PEACE ALL ROUND, fore everyone and thing,

Then we might collectively work on a

Seemingly Childish

Project together:

Would you, with your children

(or the child in you),

Create spirals upon our Earth?

From rocks, or twigs, or flowers -

Anything of Earth, adorning Her,

Saying "Mama, I love you."

Our beautiful Earth took a massive "hit,"

a long long time ago, sacrificing Herself, for countless wayward beings,

Out of compassion for them.

In short, all 144 planets, belonging 12 Suns -

(12 sets per Sun called Alpha & Omega)-

Including Earth,

Were to ascend, or breathed into a higher octave of "reality."

Souls which maintained connection to their Divinity, would also ascend,

However, those who'd fallen into patterns of mis-creation,

With their low vibration,

Would not make the ascension,

And dissipate.

Earth, with her beautiful grace and compassion,

Could not bear that happening,

And volunteered to take on all those "lost," souls-

which had never been attempted before,

To remind them of their Light.

So heavy, so dense, so low in vibration

Had they become,

Forgetting entirely, their Divine Heritage, and own greatness,

That Mother Earth developed a tilt-

23.5degrees from the heaviness.

Henceforth, the fall.


This tilt, due to growing consciousness,

Was corrected on 11.11 2023.

As more and more of us remember our Divine Heritage,

We join hearts in co-creating the best time-line for Earth

And all Her inhabitants.

So you see, simply building a spiral does wonders,

sending out the signal of love.

Spirals are energy, consciousness, nature, in nature, everywhere-

From the food that comes from Earth,

To spirals in the sky, and deep space,

To spirals in our own body.

If you take the fibonacci sequence and graph it,

A spiral comes of the numbers.

Whilst this might seem non-sensical, fantastical

What have you,

Wouldn't it be so nice to know

That you might be contributing to peace

On Earth,

Simply by making spirals?


My imagination is fed and inspired by sisters,

& Adi of Green Tara Guru (Video on spirals)

Thanks for coming along,

And thanks for your service towards the rise of all life upon Earth.

God Bless You.

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