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Starting From Scratch-An Audio Tale

After a long hiatus, words flow again.

I did not know when I began this sort of, self-therapy/coaching, that I'd be sharing it with anyone, let alone the entire virtual world.

Alas, I am.

I have gained much from others sharing their lives, and so often still I'm told to write a book about my own....One day I'll do the entire memoir...maybe..For now, I share a snippet of my life, a continuous tale of...well, you'll see. I know what happens, and all I'll elude to is this:

Seeing is not believing.

Everything is in vibration first- in the invisible.

Vibrations turn to thoughts, and finally, thoughts turn to things.

So my only question is:

Where's Your Vibe At...? ,-)

This is the sort of pondering you'll find in Starting From Scratch.

Do come along and listen to a few recordings - there may well be something in there for you.

Anyhow, gracious thanks for your curiosity, and just being right here and now.

Much love and blessings to you~



PS- Do listen as per the track list, going from 33, to 22, 11, before starting from scratch - the very beginning.


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