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Stay Here. In the Present Moment


Everything always works out.

Everyone is in your life for a reason (a season, or for lifetimes).

Everything is as it should be- as you created it with your very thoughts.

Should you wish to change things, pay attention to what your thoughts are.

Watch them, whilst doing nothing else, like watching the clouds roll by just noticing the different shapes.

Just notice to begin with for some time.


There comes a time when you think thoughts on purpose, with a knowing that you're in line with something greater than yourself, like magic, but not.

Life is supposed to be easy, delicious, creative, fun, and not once in a while, but most of the time, with a tiny bit of contrast stirred in, giving way to clarity and ever more goodness.

Something greater than yourself...?

But remember my dear darling, you are That from which you came.

How to "get in touch?"

Be "in line?"

Be "attuned..?"

Be "at one?"

Just be, and trust yourself in that be-ingness.

Come to, and stay in the present moment as often as you can.

Focus with all your intent on what you are doing, ditching the multi-tasking.

It takes practice, and you're only going to get better.

With great love and many blessings,



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