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SUN Activity |Spirit & Science Merge | Newsletter-Sandra Walter Ascension linking to Ben Davidson

This is most certainly not for everyone, but if it's for YOU, you're going to love it! ​​♡​​♡​​♡ Ascension Path with Sandra Walter (YT)

Full transcript of Sandra's newsletter here.

Ben Davidson of Suspicious 0bservers: today's video- Level 3 Solar Storm, Micronova Evidence, Starwater | S0 News Nov.4.2021

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

First 12mins: reading of Sandra's newsletter, linking Ben. Forgot to mention "Michael Love," a third link talking specifically about the cosmic rays bombarding us, Earth inclusive, right now. (reading from 18 Oct).

Linking Dr Gein Ryan, who Sandra interviews, based on bridging (back) spirit & science. PhD in neurochemistry, worked at Harvard & Standford when contacted by HeartMath Institute for work he was doing with DNA, and eventually left the world of academia altogether, for HeartMath, joining the likes of Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, and many other scientists.

Full (mind-bending), conversation here.


NB: "GO WINDOWS" (as per Sandra's newsletter: *GO windows* – the moments, hours, days when creation flows with ease and grace. Creativity does help. Small micro-movements toward a goal or simple acts of creativity please the heart and soothe the Soul. Full newsletter here: ) #Newearth #Sun #LoveAllTheWay #Ascension #SandraWalter #BenDavidson #GoTime!!!

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