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The Power of Nature

It's the warmth of the sun that I so enjoy on my face.

The smell of plums still lingering on their mother tree, or the scent of the summer apples, or pears in full, beautiful bloom.

The fawn.

The snake.

The pheasants, out of nowhere, hurriedly taking flight from the tall blades of grass that hid them from me.

The hummingbirds, busily working away on the beautiful violet flowers..

The colours of these berries, the bright geometrically perfect stems, contrasting the royal purple of the little round balls...

What splendour, just for us to take joy & wonder in.

It's the serenity, the peace, the tick tock like a clock of my feet stepping out forward, one in front of the other. The gentle pull back and reminder to each step:

Sweetheart, stay here, in the present moment. Left, right, left, right...Sat Nam, Sat Nam.

A smile.

My heart flutters.

I feel so light, and a little dizzy.

Dizzy as I stop and gaze up at the sky, at the clouds, just past the trees.

Everything's moving, no - everything's breathing, together, in harmony.

The relief, oh the relief ~ there is nothing more than right now.

All of this around me is for my pleasure.

All a miracle, having started from a single seed.

Just like you, just like me.

If all there is is Now, life is beyond perfect.


Much love & blessings, Dearest One.


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