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Bratislava's Vegan Fest & Farewell to Summer Street Party

09.09 ~ What a tremendous day!

After an early start, with a slow walk in still crisp morning, the day only continued to unfold so beautifully well.

I was out just after noon, by which time, all the crispness in the air was gone, warmed up by the late summer sun.

As per the subject title, there was indeed a "Farewell to Summer "street party, which I'd had no idea of - and ended up consuming most of my day - and very pleasantly, at that. I was thinking I'd just pop along into the centre for Bratislava's Vegan Fest, with great curiosity as to how others are doing vegan fare, and it was delight after delight.

Normally a soloist, I reached out to a couple of people, to see if they'd like to tag along, but solo I was meant to be- for a little while at least. Getting to Stara Trznica, the old market hall where the vegan fest was taking place, I checked my phone one last time, and put it away, consciously saying to myself, "I'll meet exactly who I'm meant to, and leave it to the Universe to surprise me."

Old Market Hall ~ Stara Trznica

Having made my 'once around' to see what all was on offer, from bottom to top, as I made my way downstairs to grab food from Bemba, (which I've since visited and posted about here), reaching the very bottom I saw a double pram, in which sat a couple of adorable twins. One of them looked over at me as I reached the lower level and I winked at her.

Steps and moments later, I see an old, and very dear friend after about three years. I spot her before she spots me, and watch her look up- totally bemused. Of course, she proceeded to say something along the lines of, "I only just wondered aloud that Maruska should be here," and literally I was, right then and there.

Synchronicity, beautiful- no?

To add to that, I'm introduced to the friend that she's there with, who of course, is the mother of the beautiful twins, one of whom I'd just winked to.

The synchronicities were in abundance from the 16 year old daughters, aka Indigo's, who speak the language of the heart also, to eight year old Martin, who's (fantastic level of ) English no one had heard before. After a very short time, he was asking mum when Maruska would come over to the house. Little did he remember that I'd been over many times a few years back, and we used to play together all the time. Unbeknown to either of us, we were picking up where we left off last time. That though, is for a different post, along with the indigo girls, my dear young sisters. ;)

After catching up & reconnecting over seriously good food, off we went to take in the street party.

This was a first for me (and perhaps the very first one ever...?), and I tell you, it was such a delight.

Only last week was I praising this phenomenal city, and then this goodness. The street was closed off to only pedestrian traffic, and it was packed with not just hipster fathers - sporting a long beard, stylish coif, and a child on his shoulders, too many to count!!! - but also two music stages, delicious scents of street food, and so much colour. It was a heaving melting pot of goodness, of harmony, of such great energy, so vital, so alive.

I ran into old friends, met new ones, coasted with others, then alone, so happy, and at peace.

Before making my exit, I sat in the newly opened, very green part at Safarikovo namestie - just breathing it all in, watching passersby, watching the children play, watching couples and family's in joy.

"What a feeling, what a sight. This is a beautiful life - is all I could really say.

I thought iwas finished my day in town until I wasn't. En route to the bus, and the stunning sunset called me, so up I went along the new "Old Bridge," and just gazed out, over the river, over Old Town Bratislava, soaking in the last few minutes of magic through the sun.

What a tremendous day, in heaven on Earth, here in Enchanted Bratislava, She who keeps developing day by day. There's a good bunch of people giving rise to the soul of this city, wiping off the dust, and allowing Her to shine brightly, as never before. Bless you ALL.

Big love from Bratislava ~

xxThis Little Cookie ;*


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