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"We Need To Re-Install Democracy" -Reiner Fullmich

Truly, I have grown tired of trying to convince people what this plandemic is about, and not only that.

To you, who is in the know, I present this video, which is so very very relieving. If you saw my last post, (among other heroes), there was a video of Vincent Gircys speaking at the London Freedom Celebration on 15 May.

If this were a relay race, the baton has been passed, from Dear Vincent to Dear Reiner, and as I keep saying - as many of us keep saying - with this video, one can now see the finish line.

We're nearly there dear loves.

Hang in there, do your part: feel good. Keep a good attitude about you. Laugh. Play. Sing. Create.

Live as though we've made it past the finish line.

God Speed.

I love you greatly,


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