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A Letter To Self: The Rising Phoenix | On The Wings of Faith...I AM

It was in early summer that I spoke on behalf of Stand Up Canada, (a non profit organization, helping navigate Canadians through the human rights violations being imposed in specific regard to the p4nd3m1c), at a small event in London, Canada. Incredibly nervous, I got up on stage and instead of focusing on "what is," I took the chance to focus on what I envisage...

We started with a "repeat after me," and thrice said: I AM the Love I AM the Light I AM the Truth I AM ~~~ ...after my little speech, an older gentleman approached and we chatted. He appreciated very much what I'd said however -and this left me rather curious, intrigued and even bewildered - he said he, as a devout Christian, would NEVER say I AM. [As oft I have relayed, my communion is direct with God/ All That Is/ Divine Intelligence/ Great Universal Mind Substance/ Spirit / SomeTHING, etc etc etc), and though I do not disagree with anyone's religion, for myself, the need to partake does not exist. ] Anyhow, not being a follower of Christianity, it had not come to my awareness before that that little speech was in essence, blasphemous, for some...Furthermore, it has since come to my attention, that it is not just Christians who would think so, but those of other faiths too. So quite actually, I am fully cognizant that the video shared will throw off many people, but also, in speaking with a great many people (with innocent curiosity), I find that more and more people resonate with the message, henceforth I shared this letter, incredibly candidly. ~~~ ~~~ I was not created to be a servant or slave to anyone, or anything. It is quite a wonder to me that anyone would choose to believe in anything that punishes, which is often the case with the God of many religions...A Punisher, loving conditionally, and only some of his Children, but not All... ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ My Knowing is that I (WE), was(were) created in the image and likeness of That from which I came - I AM That...and not the body of my mother, the contents of her egg, mingled with the sperm of my father. Yes, but no. I AM them, and also I AM the Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth...All That Is. ALL. I AM Space, Time, No Thing, Every Thing, Chaos, Joy, Peace, Love, Harmony, Youth, Virus, Bacteria, Anger, Pain, Guilt, Addiction, Sufferage, Unhampered Liberty, Freedom, Wealth, Abundance, Playful, Creator... None of this could I relay even just months ago, let alone hardly aloud to anyone, however in truly embracing all that I share, (all of which I speak of is my life, and thereby, daily practice), life continues to shift in tremendous, wonderful ways, (which does not disclude suffering and pain, but, and again, that is part of the Whole that I Am). I AM simple. I have not riches in terms of money or things - the usual visual representations of what is generally perceived as wealth - but wealthy, I AM, with the richness of life that keeps unfolding and coming into fruition. I do not doubt that it has been the inclusion of the very message from the video, that has cleared my path. And with that, I wish you greatness within your beautiful, extraordinary, wonderful Self.

Yours, with great Humility, Love, & continued Blessings ~Manj, I AM ♡ 𓂀 ∞ PS: The Tree I refer to in the video is called "Mountain Ash." #GOD #IAM #SUHAM #AUM #RisingPhoenix #LoveAllTheWay

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